A Ban on Botox for Under-18’s? Here’s the Lowdown…

You may have seen in the news that a UK-wide ban on Botox and dermal filler treatments for cosmetic purposes on clients aged under 18 years has come into action. This is big news for our industry, so we thought we would break it down for you.

UK Health Minister, Nadine Dorries MP, has introduced new legislation called the “Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act” which restricts anyone under the age of 18 from accessing either procedure.

This means that both salons and clinics will be responsible for verifying the age of clients prior to Botox and dermal filler treatments otherwise will be at risk of prosecution. However, in the instance that there is a medical need for treatment using Botox, a doctor may approve treatment to be administered by medical professionals.

According to analysis by the Department for Health, an estimated 41,000 Botox procedures have been carried out on under-18s in 2020 and more than 29,300 estimated dermal filler procedures have been performed on under-18s over the past four years. It could be argued that those under the age of 18 are mentally or physically ready to make decisions on whether they should go ahead with such treatments.

Moving forward, this is hopefully just the start for the industry and new legislation as there is currently an absence of regulation of treatments such as Botox and fillers in the UK, which in turn is putting the public at risk.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty, Aesthetics and Wellbeing (the APPG) found there is a lack of a legal framework of standards around non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the UK, which has left people at risk and undermined the cosmetic industry’s ability to develop. The APPG have called on the government to address the lack of regulation after a year-long inquiry following an explosion in the popularity and availability of the sector.

Among its recommendations are the setting of national minimum standards for practitioner training and regulated qualifications in line with national standards. This would be a great step forward for our industry where too many unregulated people are performing potentially dangerous treatments.

Here at VIVA, patient safety is number one for us so we have the following guidelines in place:

  • We only treat those 21 years old and over as we believe that 21 years old is a safe age to receive treatments such as Botox and dermal filler
  • Every injector at VIVA is medically trained, so that in the event of something going wrong, we are qualified to deal with the situation.
  • Every injector undergoes regular training to ensure that the safest measures and practices are in place.


With VIVA, you will always be in safe hands!



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