A doctor recommends: Less invasive than injectables?

Have you found yourself thinking "I want smoother, softer skin, but with a less invasive option than injectables"? If dermal fillers are too extreme, this might the solution for you.

One of our patients asked: “I want a skin treatment which is less invasive than injectables. Would a skin peel help with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and a tired complexion?”


Having healthy, glowing skin makes us all look and feel the best version of ourselves. Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are both great ways of rejuvenating the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and achieving a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

For some the idea of injectable fillers can be daunting and many clients come to us looking for another solution to their skin woes. Our range of chemical peels offer less invasive alternatives to leave your skin feeling fresh and beautiful.

VIVA’s founder and lead clinician Dr Rupert recommends peels for new patients who are nervous but eager to have treatment:

“Skin peels can be great for providing a deep exfoliation, improving fine lines, blemishes and subtle pigmentation. Even though chemical peels don’t offer the structural improvement that dermal fillers can provide, they’re a great starter for more cautious first timers.” – Dr Rupert Critchley



The elite quality Obagi peels we offer are iconic because of their customisable properties and ability to suit all skin types. They are perfect for treating general tone, texture and pigmentation.

The Obagi Blue Peel penetrates deep into the skin’s layers for ultimate exfoliation. Before treatment the client’s skin must be prepped with the NuDerm system for safe, effective results. The Obaji Blue Peel Radiance also tackles pigmentation and texture complaints but is a more superficial option, which can be used as a one off or as a course of multiple peels.

Our VIVA Glow peel also works to exfoliate the top layers of skin and encourage the growth of new, healthy cells, revealing a radiant complexion.


Fine lines and wrinkles?

When you think of fine lines and wrinkles you might think anti-wrinkle injections, but if anti-wrinkle injections aren’t for you, you might be surprised to learn that a chemical peel might do the trick.

As we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity and become drier. This along with exposure to other factors such as pollution, excess sun, smoking and stress causes the appearance of creases and wrinkles.

All of the peels we offer can be used to effectively smooth out these signs of aging by exfoliating, tightening and refreshing the skin.


Tired, dull complexion?

The stress of everyday modern life can leave our skin feeling worn out and our complexion looking dull and tired. Both our Obagi Blue Peel Radiance and our VIVA Glow Peel are great options to combat this. These chemical peels can be used to exfoliate away the damaged top layers of skin and reveal a more youthful, revived glow.


If you are interested in discussing our chemical peels or any of our other treatment options with one of our aesthetic artists you can book a consultation today by using our handy online booking feature. You can also give one of our friendly team a call on 02037 332199 or email bookings@vivaskinclinics.com.





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