A Tree Planted For Every Product Sold: We’ve Partnered With TreeSisters

To mark Earth Day 2021, we've partnered with TreeSisters, a social change and reforestation charity with positive impact projects across the globe.

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we’re excited to announce that we have officially partnered with TreeSisters, a social change and reforestation charity with positive impact projects across the globe.

Earth Day is a global event which happens every year to demonstrate support for tackling the climate crisis. First held back in 1970, Earth Day has grown and evolved into a diverse and concentrated call-to-action, challenging everyone to do more for environmental protection while also celebrating the incredible developments already taking place.

Unfortunately Earth Day has somewhat been hijacked by marketing departments in a bid to increase sales and greenwash their own harmful practises. We wanted to make sure we were marking the day as it speaks to our bigger-picture ethos, but we wanted to do so respectfully, in a way that doesn’t blur the central motivation behind Earth Day: to make more ethical and eco-friendly decisions.

That’s why we’ve decided to partner with TreeSisters. Rather than encouraging you to spend more in order to cover a charitable donation, or to buy items you don’t need while also urging you to cut down on waste, we’ll be donating one tree for every skincare product we sell. We cover the cost, but we’ll continue to do what we always do: only recommend products when there will be a clear benefit to the skin, keeping your money in your purse and waste to a minimum.

As the climate crisis intensifies and the need for action becomes ever-more urgent, we all have a part to play in ensuring the longevity of our planet. We won’t bore you with any vague promises about how we pledge to do better or achieve x, y and z by a far-off date. Instead we’ll say this: we’re a small group of people who truly care about preserving our planet, and taking positive steps like partnering with TreeSisters is not a one-off.

The industry we are in produces some unavoidable medical waste but largely, especially for ourselves, we’re a low-impact company. That doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make our operations more eco-friendly – we choose not to stock a lot of skincare products in clinic, for example, to avoid the carbon emissions caused by deliveries and the additional packaging waste – but rather that these new ideas need to be a little more creative.

More From TreeSisters:

“We focus on the creation of resources and experiences that empower women to step into their feminine Nature-based leadership, in support of humanity’s identity shift from a consumer species to a restorer species. Our approach is the balance of inner and outer, spiritual and practical, behavioural and ecological pathways towards that shift. This is a process of discovering how to engage, nourish, inspire and activate women into their unique gifts and generosity on behalf of themselves, each other and the forests that we love and need.

Through individuals and businesses that give back to Nature every month, TreeSisters has so far funded the planting of over 15 million trees across 12 locations in Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and West Papua.

We fund a diverse portfolio of tropical reforestation projects that are ethical, community-led, expand natural forest cover and aim to avoid further deforestation. Our projects support local communities and improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and focus on gender parity and the participation of women. They are a direct and measurable way to restore the web of life and mitigate climate change. We are actively encouraging the cultural shift required to grow from a consumer to a restorative culture. We encourage feminine leadership by providing resources, experiences and communities that inspire personal and collective action on behalf of the trees.”


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