NEW! AQUAGOLD® 24-karat gold facial for an instant glow

Introducing the luxurious AQUAGOLD facial, the 24-karat gold plated micro-needle device which delivers Hyaluronic Acid in the form of anti-wrinkle injections for an instant glow.

Introducing the luxurious AQUAGOLD facial, a quick and effective skincare treatment which utilises 24-karat gold plated micro-needles finer than human hair to deliver a potent elixir of Hyaluronic Acid.


What is an AQUAGOLD facial?

The AQUAGOLD® fine touch™ is a micro-channel device that can be used to treat an array of skin complaints including acne, pigmentation, large pores, texture, tone, dryness, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and loss of volume.

It also effectively rejuvenates and plumps the skin for an overall refreshed appearance. It is a non-surgical treatment that delivers a blend that includes hyaluronic acid at optimal skin depth via 20 tiny gold plated needles, all finer than a human hair.

These are hollow needles that deliver the carefully assembles mix straight into the micro-channels as they are created. It is an alternative way of using anti-wrinkle injections and HA that successfully treats the face as a whole and unlike dermaroller treatments, these needles are administered vertically into the skin to avoid pain and redness.


Who can have treatment?

Generally anyone looking to achieve radiant, smooth skin can benefit from this versatile treatment. It’s perfect for both men and women who want to give their skincare routine that extra boost and is a particularly good option for anyone prepping for an upcoming event.


What can I expect from treatment?

It’s a quick, fuss-free and relatively painless procedure that produces instant results.

We use a small, handheld device, which is gently stamped over the face in a swift process that takes just 10 minutes to complete.

You may experience some redness and tenderness immediately after treatment but this should start to subside within a couple of hours, revealing your newly glowing skin. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to refresh their overall complexion without the need for downtime and is also designed to be effectively used as a one-off treatment rather than requiring multiple sessions.

That said, to maintain results long term we do recommend you revisit clinic every 3-4 months for an AQUAGOLD® fine touch™  treatment to keep that youthful glow topped up.


Why gold?

Of course when we think of gold we think luxury and this is one of the attributes that makes this facial super indulgent, but more than that, pure gold has high biocompatibility with human skin and is therefore much less likely to cause irritation. Compared with other micro-needle treatments redness and pain is very minimal and the very slight sunburn effect you might notice goes down within a few hours.


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