PRP Treats Hair Loss & Bald Spots Without Surgery

Hair loss and hair thinning are common concerns among both men and women but these problems can have a hugely negative impact on self esteem and confidence. At VIVA, we have a non-surgical solution designed to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. Read on to find out more.

What is Hair Loss PRP?

PRP Therapy stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and is an advanced injectable treatment used to rejuvenate skin and restore hair. The non-surgical procedure involves taking a sample of blood from the patient’s own arm much like a standard blood test. This small sample is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood. The protein rich plasma solution is then reintroduced into the scalp through a series of injections and gets to work promoting hair regeneration.

How many PRP sessions will I need?

Every patient is different and therefore every treatment is unique. During your consultation we will work with you to put together your individual treatment plan and discuss with you the number of initial sessions that will be required to achieve your desired results. Your consultation is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have with a medical professional. Generally 3-6 initial sessions are needed at 4-6 week intervals and then 6-monthly maintenance appointments for continued results.

Will PRP for hair regeneration benefit me?

It’s important to note that PRP Therapy isn’t a solution for complete baldness but can be very effective for patients who are suffering with hair thinning and patchiness and is sometimes recommended to support the results of a hair transplant. If you are concerned about hair loss we would recommend scheduling a consultation to find out more about whether PRP would be beneficial to you.

Will treatment hurt?

Some sensitivity and discomfort is to be expected and when a larger area is being treated it’s completely normal for the area to be a bit more tender. At VIVA, every one of our practitioners is a medical professional and highly trained is delivering procedures safely whilst minimising pain as much as possible. We also apply a topical numbing cream before any injections take place.

What else can PRP be used for?

PRP Therapy is an incredibly versatile treatment and at VIVA we also offer PRP Collagen Facials to rejuvenate and refresh the complexion and PRP for male sexual rejuvenation to help treat erectile dysfunction. All of our PRP procedure options are priced at £600per/session.



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