Introducing: The Top Model Chin

VIVA Skin Clinics is thrilled to introduce the latest in aesthetic innovations - the Top Model Chin procedure. Think you know dermal chin filler? Think again.

Dr. Rupert Critchley and VIVA Skin Clinics are thrilled to introduce the latest in aesthetics innovation, The Top Model Chin. Combining facial dynamics and the traditional chin filler treatment, the Top Model Chin procedure aims to restore or improve symmetry in the overall appearance of the face, resulting in a more uniform, flattering appearance.

Non-surgical chin reshaping has enjoyed a boom in popularity over the recent years, with more and more individuals opting for non-invasive dermal filler solutions as opposed to the more costly and rigorous surgical options. Any patient looking for a change in size or shape will likely be suitable for a chin augmentation, and the procedure itself is ideal for not only rectifying a small or weak chin, but for aiding any birth defects or abnormalities caused by illness or accident.

The main benefit of dermal filler as opposed to surgery is that the procedure is more affordable (prices at VIVA Skin Clinics start at £350), more accessible (appointments are available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at as little as 24 hours notice), less invasive (a topical anaesthetic is applied and then a small needle distributes the product where needed) and requires no downtime (there may be slight bruising, but no time off work/rest time is required). The results are also temporary, giving the patient the freedom of choice. If they do not like the results, the filler can be broken down and the appearance of the chin can be returned to normal.

So what is different about the Top Model Chin treatment?

The Top Model Chin treatment entails dermal filler being injected into various points around the lower face to balance the overall proportions. All features of the face work in harmony with one another and each can affect the appearance of the facial thirds (top third, middle third, lower third), so if the jaw or chin are not the ideal proportion, this can make other features appear distorted, too large or too small.

By focusing on the lower third of the face, the Top Model Chin procedure aims to realign the total symmetry of the face, enhance the jawline and balance the overall proportions.

Watch our Top Model Chin procedure in action below.



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