Introducing VIVA’s Eyelash Serum

Are you wondering how to get longer eyelashes? Contact the specialists at VIVA Skin Clinics for long, gorgeous and natural looking lashes. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about VIVA's eyelash serum.

Who doesn’t want long, luscious lashes? For many, this beauty trait isn’t something possessed naturally, which makes getting that perfect flutter very frustrating. Fake lashes, mascara and even eyelash extensions are all options that women pursue to lengthen their lashes, but most would agree that nothing would compare to having their own naturally beautiful set. Now, thanks to VIVA Skin Clinic’s Eyelash Serum, this can finally be achieved.

So, how does it work?

The serum is made up of an effective blend of lengthening extracts, which work to promote the growth of lashes to up to 100 times longer in a matter of weeks. The serum is simply applied to the base of the eyelashes in the evening, which works to provide vital nutrients and strengthen the roots. This is a quick and simple process which gets to work whilst you sleep. Essentially they will be completely your own, just with a little added boost from the serum.

Is it for me?

VIVA Skin Clinics’ Eyelash Serum is perfect for anybody dreaming of long, gorgeous and natural looking lashes. It is a great solution for those whose mascara is a make-up essential and for those who have been left dissatisfied with makeup products and eyelash extensions. It is an ideal solution for young and older clients alike, with the serum even rejuvenating ageing, thinning lashes, thus proving a hit with the over 60s demographic. It is also a great way to add glam to your look for that extra special event. 


The serum application process is very simple and fuss free which is great for clients with busy lifestyles. Results take effect within weeks and once the desired length is achieved it’s all about having a good eye care routine to look after your new, stunning lashes. A soothing dual-phase eye makeup remover is best to protect the natural lashes and keep them from drying out. The serum can also be continually applied to sustain the desired length.


If you are interested in ordering VIVA’s Eyelash Serum, it can be purchased directly from VIVA Skin Clinics for £60 on special offer.

To order VIVA’s Eyelash Serum visit our shop or call VIVA Skin Clinics today on 02037 332199.


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