Is ‘detox’ a myth?

Beauty fad or truth? We look at whether the 'detox' is a myth cooked up by the beauty industry, or whether it's a useful weapon for your healthcare arsenal.

With the first month of the year comes new starts, resolutions and for many, the chance to DETOX. With the popularity of dry January, Veganuary and juice cleanses increasing year on year, it seems that a detoxification is just what the body needs. This trend has also boomed in the beauty industry with all sorts of creams, face masks and gizmos promising to purify the skin.

But is detox truth or fad?


Too good to be true?

The idea that we can effectively rid our bodies of toxins and impurities by using fancy products is a nice thought, often pushed by brands and media but the truth is that the skin itself cannot expel toxins. This job is left to our internal organs, primarily the liver and kidneys. In terms of detoxing the skin it simply can’t be done but we can look to beauty products to help cleanse and clean the complexion.


What can we do for our skin?

So if detoxing the skin really is a myth then what can we do to help keep it fresh, clear and youthful? Well, one thing we can turn to is a simple yet effective skin care regime. If you don’t already have one in place, take the New Year as an opportunity to get into the habit of quality skin care and it will thank you for it. Simply use a gentle cleanser twice a day and moisturise daily whilst also regularly exfoliating. These processes will work together to take away that top layer of pollution, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells.


Be SPF smart

We talk about the importance of SPF a lot at VIVA because it’s so essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy, hydrated complexion. Toxins may not be able to exit the body through the skin but we can use products to act as a defense barrier against certain toxins in the first place. Using an SPF ALL YEAR ROUND is an example of this, protecting us from aging and potentially dangerous UV rays. The sun’s UVB rays are weaker in winter months and that’s why we don’t see the physical signs of burning. That said, UVA rays remain prevalent and can cause wrinkles and premature ageing. With that in mind we recommend using an SPF 15-30 everyday.


What about diet and exercise?

We all know that diet and exercise are good for us and whilst setting a target such as dry January or a quick juice cleanse will likely make us feel better in the short term, it can be detrimental to our health if after this time we succumb to old habits and perhaps overcompensate. The best approach we can take when it comes to our health is to make sustainable changes that build to an overall healthier lifestyle over time. This January try making one change to your diet or join one new fitness class and see what you can achieve over the course of 2020.


If you are looking to refresh and rejuvenate your skin this New Year, we have a number of treatment options that can help from Juvederm dermal fillers to our luxury AQUAGOLD facial to PRP therapy. To discuss your own bespoke treatment plan, you can book a consultation with us today by using our handy online booking feature. You can also give one of our friendly team a call on 02037 332199 or email


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