Meet Dr. Rupert Critchley, Founder of VIVA Skin Clinics

VIVA Skin Clinics sits down with Founder and Lead Aesthetician Dr. Rupert Critchley to find out more about the man behind the business and what's to come in 2018.

Here at VIVA Skin Clinics, we’re extremely proud of our exceptionally talented team and the expertise that they bring to the table. At the forefront of innovation is our founder and lead aesthetician, Dr. Rupert Critchley, who we’ve asked to pull up a pew and introduce himself in order to get to know the man behind the business a little bit better.

Hi Dr. Rupert! Let’s start with your background – tell us about your training before VIVA Skin Clinics.

After initially pursuing a career in maxillofacial surgery and commencing dentistry at Kings College London, I found myself less inclined to focus on hospital medicine with the development of my aesthetics practice. Switching to GP, I found more flexibility to focus on VIVA Skin Clinics.

Why did you decide to get pursue aesthetics?

The turning point for my aesthetics career came with the development of my skills and professional artistry. I found myself making real changes for people, improving their confidence and correcting aesthetic issues that had bothered clients for years. The positivity and happiness created from making these changes and fixing things that people assume not possible with non-surgical correction is overwhelming. To some degree there’s still a stigma that surrounds aesthetics as being a vanity project, but seeing the difference even a short 30 minute appointment can make to the way a patient feels for months proves that misconception wrong.

VIVA Skin Clinics is well-known for its exclusive 3D Face Refresh treatment, created by yourself. What was the inspiration behind this procedure?

With all the negative publicity in the industry, I felt the need to create a safe and applicable method of administering dermal filler in the younger age group in order to yield natural looking enhancements. The 3D face refresh is essentially tweaking certain features, most commonly those that are corrected by airbrushing or social media filters, for an overall refreshed complexion. The 3D Face Refresh is about supplementing the natural beauty – not about replacing it.

What makes VIVA Skin Clinics different?

VIVA Skin Clinics is more than the salon on the corner where you can get your lip filler done. We’re a team of expertly trained staff with a strong medical background, who, above all, look to improve people’s confidence. VIVA Skin Clinics is somewhere you can come knowing you are in safe hands, with individually tailored treatments and a focus on natural, long-lasting results.

Aesthetics have come a long way in the last 5 years. What developments do you predict for the future?

The future hold more rigid and accredited training for aesthetics practitioners. Something the industry needs to improve is safety, standards and quality of care. There will be more of a shift away from surgical procedures and the necessity for aesthetic corrections using a scalpel, which we’re already seeing with the boom in popularity of the Non-Surgical Nose Job and Non-Surgical Face Lift. Clients are beginning to understand that there are other effective treatments aside from surgery, and in 2018, they will be enjoying the freedom of choice.

What does 2018 hold for VIVA Skin Clinics?

Exciting times indeed! We have a few products up our sleeve and and aesthetics training academy in development, but that’s all under wraps at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled to see what’s to come!


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