New safety measures in clinic after Coronavirus

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At VIVA we understand that there is a lot of worry and concern surrounding the COVID19 pandemic and as we prepare to reopen our clinic doors we want to reassure our clients that we are taking every step to make a visit to us as safe as possible for our patients and team. We will be implementing a number of changes to the patient journey and clinic operations to minimise contact and risk. Please understand that our new guidelines are for your own safety and the safety of others and work with us to make VIVA a safe place for everyone.


The patient journey:

We know that coming out of lockdown will be an anxious time for everyone and that there may be some uncertainty surrounding how things will work for you as a VIVA patient. To help you prepare, here are the changes we are making to the patient journey:

  • Video consultations: Where possible, we will be conducting virtual consultations with every client prior to them attending clinic. This applies to both existing and new clients and gives us the opportunity to discuss your treatment plan and the new COVID19 safety measures we have in place before your visit. This way we minimise time spent and contact in clinic.


  • Documentation: When you book an appointment with us any required documentation will be sent to you digitally. You will be asked to complete an Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire covering treatment history and goals and a treatment consent form. Further to this we will also ask you to complete a Medical and Lifestyle Questionnaire and COVID19 Screening. These documents need to be signed and returned to us before your appointment in a quick and easy process that can be done online.


  • COVID19 Screening: In preparation for your visit we will already have received your COVID19 screening questionnaire. You will then be contacted 24 hours before your appointment to go through this checklist and confirm that we deem it safe for you to attend. This will again be checked in clinic and you will be asked to notify the team of any changes. You will then receive a temperature check.


  • Treatment: We are extending our appointment times to a minimum of 1-hour to ensure there is no patient crossover. We ask that you are on time for your allocated appointment slot but not early as we will no longer be able to invite clients to wait in our waiting room. You will instead be greeted upon arrival and taken directly to the treatment room. All patients will be required to wash their hands thoroughly when they arrive and before they leave. The practitioner administering treatment will be wearing protective equipment.


  • Aftercare: Your aftercare documents will be sent to you digitally along with details of your appointment and treatment plan. The VIVA team will be on hand to answer any questions you have via phone, email or one of our social media platforms. If you have any concerns and would like to speak to a practitioner an additional video conversation can be arranged.


What other changes have we made to clinic operations?

  • 1 patient in clinic at a time: We will no longer be using our reception or waiting area and unfortunately cannot facilitate joint appointments or allow any guests to join you in clinic, including children.
  • Reduced clinic locations: In order to manage safety in clinic effectively, we will be reducing the locations we operate from to Kings Road only.


  • Heightened safety precautions: As mentioned all visitors will be required to sterilize their hand when they arrive and before they leave clinic. Masks and gloves will be provided on arrival and practitioners will be using face screens. We will also be introducing an increased cleaning rota and staff will be fully prepared before opening for our new working practices.


You can read more about our new safety measures here. You can also call 02037 332199 or email to speak with one of our friendly team. In the meantime, we welcome you to join our Priority Bookings List  to be the first to hear about our earliest appointment slots.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation- we look forward to welcoming you back to clinic!


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