Professional skincare at home

Professional skincare to effectively treat acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, anti-ageing and more from home. Including prescription-only skincare and skincare to shop now!

At VIVA, we are passionate about good skincare. You may have noticed we have recently introduced virtual skin consultations and brand new Obagi products to our product range for all your skincare needs. Whether it’s acne, melasma, dullness or preventative measures you want to get on top of, the VIVA team have you covered.



Described as next generation skincare for the next generation, the OBAGI360 System is the perfect option for younger skin. The three-step process involves an exfoliating cleanser, an SPF30 moisturising cream and a retinol 0.5 cream to encourage skin cell turnover. This complete system is designed to prevent signs of aging such as a loss of elasticity and fine lines of wrinkles, whilst fading existing imperfections. The results? A radiant, fresh and youthful complexion.



A three-step acne treatment containing clinically proven benzoyl peroxide to help control acne for a clearer, healthier complexion. The uniquely formulated benzoyl peroxide in liquid form works alongside salicylic acid which dissolves dead skin cells and unclogs pores, making it an ideal two-pronged solution for acne sufferers. It’s also a good treatment option for those with Keratosis Pilaris, an excess build-up of keratin, causing a scaly plug that blocks hair follicles.



Over time ageing, sun exposure, stress and pollution slowly reduce our skin’s ability to generate new cells. This can lead to an increase in fines lines and wrinkles, age spots and freckle as well as a loss of hydration and elasticity. The OBAGI Nu-Derm system works at a cellular level, deep within the skin to restore the complexion, correct hyperpigmentation and distribute melanin evenly. The skincare regime also works to increase the skin’s production of elastin and collagen, strengthening and smoothing the skin from within. The process isn’t a quick fix, but rather a four-phase journey to fresher, more radiant looking skin. Results vary from person to person but generally patients start to see improvements in 4-6 weeks.



The OBAGI CRx System is the first treatment of i’s kind, combining a patented formula with professional strength vitamin C, resulting in a healthier, refreshed and revitalised complexion. This system is available for dry, normal, oily and sensitive skin and is perfect for those wanting to address fine lines, an uneven skin tone, mild hyperpigmentation and age spots. It’s a particularly useful system for those who are intolerant to or aren’t ready for a more aggressive system such as Nu-Derm. Vitamin C works to prevent skin aging whist hydroquinone addresses uneven skin tone.


Interested? If you are interested in any of the treatments above, we are here to help. You can now schedule a one-to-one video consultation with Dr. Rupert here. You can also purchase our OBAGI360 products straight from our online shop. It couldn’t be easier!


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