Rising and changing trends for aesthetic beauty in 2017

We look at the rising stars of non-invasive cosmetics for 2017 that are sure to save clients time and money. Contact Viva Skin Clinics and find out more

2017 is the ultimate age of the ‘selfie’ and this year image is more important than ever so it comes as no surprise that there is a growing demand for aesthetic beauty procedures. There are a number of trends that are emerging in 2017 that are predicted to make headlines very soon. 2017 in many ways is the year of the dermal fillers and aesthetic issues that previously were only achievable using expensive invasive surgery can now be achieved through non-invasive methods. As the dermal fillers and other non-invasive solutions gain prevalence this year, we take a look at the rising stars of non-invasive cosmetics that are set to save clients time and money whilst achieving effective results.

Designer Fillers

These are said to be new dermal fillers that are designed to be used on specific parts of the face. For example, Juvederm Volbella specifically targets the lips while other fillers such as Juvederm Voluma is used for focused enhancement of the midface region. These new advances are big news for 2017 and are opening up doors in non-invasive cosmetics which can now provide alternatives to more traditional, invasive cosmetic surgery methods.

Goodbye plump, hello smooth

Achieving a plumper pout has been big business for a long while, especially with trend-setting celebrities such as Kylie Jenner sporting luscious lips famously achieved using dermal fillers. 2017 is seeing a change to this trend and smoothing things out, is the new look this year. With new fillers such as Juvederm Volbella being used to target specific areas, clients are opting for a smoother finish rather than the plumper look we are used to seeing.

The End of the Double Chin

That pesky double chin is something we all want to get rid of. We’ve all been there; you catch yourself in the mirror and all you can see is the extra fat under your chin or you see a photo of yourself and there’s that double chin again! Well now there is a solution and its called KYBELLA®.  This brand new treatment is injected into the excess fat below the chin and the active ingredient Deoxycholic acid effectively dissolves the fat from the area. Amazing right? So it will come as no surprise that this treatment is set to be a massive trend of 2017.

The Louboutin Lift

Girls we all have this problem; we love wearing heels but we hate the pain that comes with them. We all just want to be able to wear our favourite pair of heels and feel comfortable doing so. Well, now we can thanks to the Louboutin Lift. With this treatment a cushioning effect is achieved by injecting dermal filler into the balls of the feet. This is a fuss free process that will have you enjoying your heels in no time and lasts 6-12 months. There isn’t a shoe lover out there who doesn’t desire more comfort when wearing heels so no doubt this will be a winning trend this year. 

Dr Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh

Using the latest range of Juvederm fillers with vycrossTM technology, the 3D Face Refresh is a fantastic new treatment at Viva Skin Clinics. Small amount of dermal filler is injected using a 3-Dimentional technique into different troublesome areas of the face to give you an all round refreshed, brightened and younger look. Again, this treatment uses advances in dermal filler technology and is set to be a popular one for 2017. 

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

You would be forgiven for assuming that to solve your nose shape issues you would require expensive and invasive surgery with a painful recovery period. However, there is in fact another way! During non-surgical rhinoplasty surgery, dermal fillers are injected into specific areas of skin on the nose. This treatment can be used to treat problems such as a slight crook or bump on the bridge of the nose and problems with the shape of the tip of the nose. This is an effective alternative to invasive surgery and is a treatment that is sure to gain more and more popularity over the coming year.

The non-surgical neck lift

The neck area can often be affected first by visible signs of ageing and is a troublesome issue for both men and women alike. Our Nefertiti Neck Lift is the answer to your woes and will leave you with a redefined, younger-looking jawline. Anti-wrinkle injections are injected into the lower face muscles, allowing them to relax and thus allowing the upper face muscles to pull up giving the jawline a lift.

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