The Importance of Pre-Treatment Consultation

Are you considering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment with VIVA Skin Clinics? Find out more about the importance of a pre-treatment consultation.

If you are considering treatment, a quality consultation prior to having any aesthetic procedure done is, incredibly important.

There are many reasons as to why a thorough consultation with a qualified Doctor is an integral part of the process and the main reason is patient safety.

If you skip the consultation, you may be putting yourself at risk!

Without a consultation with the practitioner, you have no way of knowing how they think, if they fully understand the results you would like to achieve or even if they have the required knowledge to successfully perform the treatment. Checking credentials is also a very important part, not to be skipped.

When having any aesthetic treatment, no matter how big or small the procedure may be, it is highly important that you trust the Doctor and that you are fully confident in their abilities.

The quality of a consultation can help to determine the overall credibility of the clinic you are visiting.

For example, medical history should be discussed so that the practitioner can ensure that you opt for the most suitable treatment and not one that may put you in harm’s way from a medical perspective. Discussing medical history also allows the doctor to tailor the aftercare advice aswell as pre and post treatment advice that is best suited to your individual needs.

It is vital that this step is not skipped prior to the treatment day without having an in-depth discussion about all the above plus a thorough discussion of exactly what you want from the treatment.

The practitioner should have no problem with being asked questions and should be fully comfortable with answering them. This will also create trust and understanding between the patient and the practitioner which can make all the difference. You want to know that the clinic you are visiting are competent and that the practitioner is knowledgeable about the treatment you are considering.

The last thing you want is to have doubt when having an aesthetic procedure as this can cause you stress!

Another point to note is that any quality clinic with qualified Practitioners/Doctors will ALWAYS carry out a consultation with each patient for all of the reasons mentioned above and also for their own insurance purposes. If you find that they do not offer this service or they tell you that it isn’t necessary, then this is a red flag and it is best that you walk the other way!

Here at Viva Skin Clinics, we ensure quality consultation before every treatment with our highly qualified and experienced medical doctors.

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