The Revolutionary 3D Face Refresh Treatment

Viva Skin Clinics' new Revolutionary 3D Face Refresh Treatment is tailored to your individual needs to achieve the desired results. Contact us on 02037 332199 to find out more about the treatment and book a consultation.

Have you ever looked at your face in the mirror and spotted imperfections that you would love to tweak? We all have different aesthetic ideals and we all have different needs. This is why VIVA Skin Clinics has introduced the new 3D Face Refresh. This procedure goes against the grain of non-invasive cosmetics and champions a new way of thinking in the world of beauty. Each treatment is tailored to each individual client to achieve results designed specifically for you. This is an innovative new procedure that leads the way in a new approach to cosmetics and a new way of using dermal fillers. This new method allows VIVA’s Face Refresh expert, Dr. Rupert Critchley, to use dermal filler in the exact areas and in the exact proportions for precise, sculpted results.

So how does it work?

Every 3D Face Refresh treatment begins with a one to one consultation with Dr. Critchley, during which the patient points out the areas that they would like to improve and what they want to achieve. During a 3D Face Refresh procedure at VIVA, small amounts of dermal filler is injected using a 3-dimensional technique. This treatment can benefit those wanting to achieve symmetry to the face, filling out tear troughs and sunken areas, correcting disproportion, erasing imperfections and generally freshening and brightening the face.

Why is it different?

The practise is tailored to each individual client so that every patient gets exactly what they need from a full face revamp. No two procedures are the same. The procedure takes around 45 minutes to complete with results lasting approximately 12 months. This treatment involves minimal discomfort and little downtime. 

Is it for you?

We recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking to resolve minor facial imperfections and generally create a more aesthetically pleasing version of themselves. It is particularly effective treatment for anyone who has small changes they would like to make to different areas of the face. 


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