Top Tips For Looking After Your Skin This January

VIVA Skin Clinics Founder and Lead Aesthetician offers three top tips for looking after your skin and reigniting your healthy complexion glow this January.

Now the post-Christmas buzz is wearing off and we’re begrudgingly getting back into the swing of the normal working week, we might be forgiven for forgetting that our skin needs a little extra TLC. After a month of indulging in good food, late nights, and maybe one too many glasses of prosecco, our complexion can be left looking lack-lustre and showing the signs of a festive period well-enjoyed. Whilst the traditional remedies of rest, water and exercise will all help to reignite your glow, skincare expert and VIVA Skin Clinics founder Dr. Rupert Critchley has pulled together a few top tips for looking after your skin this January.

Stock up on vitamins

“Stocking up on vitamins from your local supermarket is an inexpensive and easy way to ensure that your skin is getting all of the nutrients it needs to be look as healthy as possible. Vitamin B12 and Iron can help reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue, so I would recommend picking these up as well as a simple box of multivitamins for your skin. Use their either separately or in combination just after your breakfast/morning beverage, and after a couple of days, you’ll start to feel and see the difference in the health of your skin.”

A series of skin peels

“If you skin is looking particularly run-down, tired or blemished, a series of skin peels might be beneficial. We offer three different varieties of skin peels: the Refresh Peel, for exfoliation and a general face refresh; the Anti-Pigmentation, to tackle and problems with pigmentation in the skin; and the Anti-Acne, to tackle acne and blemished skin. I recommend a series of three skin peels to see the best results, but even one Refresh Peel will leave the complexion looking rejuvenated and refreshed.”

A 3D Face Refresh

“Looking for something a little more long-lasting? Then a 3D Face Refresh might be for you. The 3D Face Refresh is a treatment which I formulated in-house and is exclusive to VIVA Skin Clinics, consisting of various problem areas of the face being targeted in one procedure. The aim of the 3D Face Refresh is to rejuvenate the overall complexion, using small amounts of strategically placed dermal filler to lift shadows, smooth out fine lines and encourage a from-within glow. The great thing about this treatment is that it can be tailored specifically to you, meaning we can shape the end result depending on which areas you are most concerned with.”

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