What Happens To Our Skin As We Age?

We know our skin changes as we age - that's natural! But how does it happen and why? And which treatments are VIVA recommended for slowing down the telltale signs?

Collagen production slows down as we grow older.

Over time, the natural ageing process begins to show through our skin in all sorts of ways from loss of elasticity to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. From around the age of 25, some of these tell-tale signs start to appear as the production of collagen starts to slow down.

Sign of Skin Ageing: Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are a common complaint among both male and female clients. Typically, they first appear around the eyes, on the forehead and along smile lines.

What can we do?

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to temporarily relax the muscles in the face which in turn reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Popular treatment areas include crow’s feet and forehead lines, with results typically lasting around 4 months. This procedure can also work preventatively to help keep these stubborn signs of ageing at bay. For some, deeper wrinkles also start to become apparent with the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) being a common area of concern. To address this, we can use small amounts of dermal filler to subtly ‘fill’ these areas with precise injection points to ensure natural looking results.

Sign of Skin Ageing: Loss of Volume

Losing volume and elasticity in the face is completely normal as we age. As hormones change, the fat pads in the midface region start to deplete. As well as this, our facial bones also start to recede and these factors together cause that hollowness and sagging that occurs in the cheeks.

What can we do?

Typically, we would use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA to restore midface volume, creating lift and an overall more youthful appearance. Injecting dermal filler into the cheek and temple area works beautifully to regain structure, shape and volume and to combat the hollowness that starts to appear with age.

Sign of Skin Ageing: Loss of Jawline Structure

Over time, the skin begins to lose collagen and elastin. These two proteins are what give our skin structure and shape so needless to say, as they start to reduce, we begin to lose facial structure. As this happens the skin around the cheek and mouth area begins to lose its firmness and starts to sag. Gravity then takes over and slowly pulls this skin downwards causing jowls and an unpronounced jawline.

What can we do?

Last year Allergan added JUVÉDERM VOLUX to its VYCROSS family and it’s this innovative dermal filler that we use to redefine the jawline with our Jawline Enhancement. VOLUX is thicker and more robust than the other products in this range and has been specifically designed to add structure to the lower face. Lasting as long as 12-15 months this product can be injected along the jawline to lift and sharpen the jaw and reduce the appearance of jowls.


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