Why Non-Surgical Injectables are Sometimes Better Than The Scalpel

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Many of us have looked in the mirror at our reflections and picked out parts of our face and body that we may not particularly like.

“I wonder what people would think if I changed my appearance?”

When making the decision of whether to go for surgery, many of us often dwell on what other people might say about it or even if you would like the final results.

There is no doubt that in today’s society, altering ones’ appearance is a very popular thing, especially in the age of social media where bloggers and influencers often take pictures and videos of themselves while having procedures done.

The question is, do you opt for a surgical or non-surgical approach?

As technology continues to develop, there are more and more highly effective non-surgical options available to correct and enhance your appearance. This means that going under the knife isn’t always necessary to achieve your desired results.

Injectables operate by either building up volume in a specific area, paralysing the muscles or stimulating collagen in the skin.

The great thing about them is that the procedures are very quick when administered by a qualified doctor and there is very little downtime compared to what there would be after undergoing the scalpel.

You could be in recovery for a very long time after a surgical approach which would mean you would need to take a lot of time off work as well as being in quite a bit of pain during the recovery.

Non-surgical injectables are so quick that a treatment can easily be fitted into your lunch break and you are then able to return to work directly after treatment!

There are also certain injectable substances that last for up to 2 years so that you can enjoy some longevity out of them, while there are others that require regular maintenance.

Surgery on the other hand is supposed to be a permanent alteration and should not be taken lightly! It is a serious decision and one in which you must carefully think about before making.

Injectables on the other hand, are not permanent and this actually gives you a safety net.

For example, if you didn’t like the results or felt that it was a mistake ever opting for the treatment in the first place, the substance will fade over time.

You would not have that luxury when going under the scalpel and to have a treatment reversed, if it is possible, can cause major implications for you.

That being said, there are sometimes occasions that a doctor may advise a surgical approach to a patient depending on how dramatic they want the results to be.

“If your neck is really sagging, there’s nothing else to be done—it needs to be lifted and to have some skin removed. Also, if your upper eyelids are drooping over and you can’t see, you’ll need an eye lift. Those are the two main things I send people to plastic surgeons for—the neck and eyes.”
Dermatologist Doris Day

Overall depending on the result you want and for how long, the non-surgical approach is definitely on the rise in comparison to going under the knife.


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