Can Dermal Fillers Lift The Tip of My Nose?

When it comes to nose fillers, it is easy to forget that dermal filler can do more than just straighten bumps. Dermal Filler can also lift a drooping tip!

Nose Filler Treatment is a great way to lift a drooping tip and is much less invasive than a Surgical Nose Job. By strategically injecting small amounts of dermal filler, not only can we smooth a dorsal hump, balance proportions, address asymmetry and even improve the appearance of the nose after a break, we can also carry out a ‘Tinkerbell Tip Lift’.

What is a ‘Tinkerbell Tip Lift’?

The Tinkerbell lift technique involves injecting a small amount of hyaluronic acid-based filler into the tip of the nose to create that subtle uplifted effect and tip projection. This is an effective solution for those with a slightly droopy tip to the nose or for those simply wanting to achieve a more refined, lifted and feminine finish. It is important to note that at VIVA Skin Clinics, we work with your natural features and facial proportions to achieve subtle enhancement rather than make drastic changes. Therefore nothing will look un-naturally lifted.

What can I expect from treatment?

The Tinkerbell Tip Lift is quick and fuss free, with the actual injecting taking a matter of minutes to complete, however we will always carry out a consultation prior to the treatment to ensure it is correct for you.

Before the treatment, Topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area to be treated which takes around 10 minutes to take effect. There is also a numbing agent within the filler product itself, keeping discomfort to a minimum. The tip of the nose is a particularly sensitive area so you may still feel a slight pinching sensation. Results are immediate and you will instantly be able to notice subtle lift. As with all injectable treatments it is completely normal to experience some slight bruising and swelling but this can be expected to subside over the course of a few days, with you being left to enjoy beautiful results for 6-9 months. We recommend booking in 6-months after the treatment to have your nose re-assessed to see if we should add any more dermal filler.

Interested in a Tinkerbell Tip Lift? To book in with us, you can use our handy online booking feature. You can also find his price list on our website.