Acne Scarring

Acne scars are the typical marks left behind that affect the texture of your skin following an outbreak of acne. Acne scars can present in a number of ways. You may find that they take on the appearance of pockmarks on the skin, or simply small patches of discolouration. Acne scars are caused by the surface of the skin being disrupted when a spot or pimple has burst and caused significant damage.

Picking or squeezing the acne can further contribute to the appearance of acne scars as this aggravates the area and can cause unintended permanent harm to the delicate structure of the skin. In severe cases of acne scarring, the skin can be described as taking on a ‘rolling texture’ which can be difficult to conceal or treat. This is when large areas of the skin have been compromised and created a profound uneven texture.

Acne scarring may improve over time. However, if untreated it is unlikely it will completely correct itself.

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