Ageing Hands

The hands can often be one of the first places where the signs of ageing become apparent. Common conditions associated with ageing hands include: loss of volume, crepey skin, wrinkles, age spots and dry skin.

The natural process of ageing and exposure to the sun and other environmental conditions are the factors that are most likely to contribute to tired looking hands. The internal processes that take place through ageing see the skin losing the levels of collagen that ensures a feature is full in appearance. Exposure to the sun can contribute to his process being accelerated, leading to thinning skin and loss of volume in the hands. Issues of discoloured skin can also be attributed to the sun’s rays as melanin production is increased, along with damaged collagen fibres.
The hands work hard all day long and are open to the effects of many products and substances that can affect the soft condition of the skin, causing it to dry out. A targeted treatment plan can restore a fuller look to the hands and a softer texture.

Rejuvenate ageing hands at VIVA Skin Clinics

Our team of experts have the medical knowledge and aesthetic understanding to determine the treatment that can produce the best possible outcome for rejuvenating the skin on the hands. A successful treatment at VIVA Skin Clinics will create a softer, smoother and fuller appearance to the hands.  



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