Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a dermal filler treatment which can treat a host of concerns, like straightening bumps in the nose, lifting droopy nasal tips, correcting assymetry, lifting a shallow bridge and balancing dorsal humps.

Using a thin needle, hylauronic acid based dermal filler is strategically injected to effectively mould the shape of the nose without the need for surgery.

The injections themselves are very brief, ranging from 5-15 minutes depending on your unique treatment plan.

The technique for placing dermal filler in the nose must be extremely precise as there is a small surface area to work with. This also means that any swelling could skew the appearance of your final results, which is why you may be invited for a 2 week review to ensure you are absolutely happy with the finished look.


Creating balance and harmony

Treatment time
30 minutes
6-12 months
Return to work in
Same day
Topical anaesthetic

Many modern dermal fillers contain anaesthetic to help ease any discomfort. We can also use a numbing cream to further aid this procedure should you be particularly sensitive. Most patients find this treatment to be comfortable and without pain.

As with any injectable treatment, there is a possibility of some minor side effects. Most commonly, these may include: bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, itching and sensitivity at the point of application. Any potential side effects will be discussed during a pre-treatment consultation with Dr. Rupert. Any swelling should subside within around 48 hours and bruising can be easily concealed using makeup.

A non surgical nose job gives an instant result to correct a misshapen nose. Through the precise placement of dermal fillers, you can expect your nose to appear straightened, for the dip above the bump on the nose to be filled giving a smooth contour to the nose, and / or for the tip to be lifted. The nose is the focal point of the face, and therefore anyone who was previously unhappy with the shape of their nose can expect to leave VIVA Skin Clinics with renewed confidence feeling happy with their ‘new and improved’ nose.

A non surgical nose job is far safer than its surgical alternative. The ingredients within JUVÉDERM dermal fillers are broken down naturally within the body. This is a temporary treatment which lasts up to 12 months. This treatment (when administered by a professional injector) is deemed to be safe, but any risks will be discussed during a pre-treatment consultation. We only use the most effective and safest FDA approved products at VIVA Skin Clinics. To find out more about the Juvederm range, please click here

For Non-Surgical Rhinoplasties, we use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA.

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