Weak Chin

A ‘weak’ chin is a term that describes a small or undefined chin or jawline. Generally a weak chin will appear shorter and smaller in size, compared with trajectory of the nose and lips. Facial asymmetry may also cause a chin to appear weak especially where the upper lip is larger and more protruding. This tends to result in reduced definition of the chin to neck contour.

A weak chin may also occur due to genetics, a congenital defect, or as the result of trauma or injury to the jaw.

People with a weak chin may well find they have challenges with speech and eating, and may also suffer a lack of self confidence particularly in male patients whereby a strong definition to the chin or jaw can be perceived as an attractive quality to possess.

Overcome your weak chin at VIVA Skin Clinics

Our facial aestheticians understand the concerns that bother you. They will be able to assess the cause of your weak chin and recommend the right treatment option for you so that you leave VIVA Skin Clinics with a better contoured, more balanced and proportionate aesthetic.