Nasolabial Fold Filler

Nasolabial folds are the lines which run from your nose to your mouth.

As we begin to age, we will almost all notice the appearance of nasolabial lines. These are of particular concern to men as the face can start to sag, and the pulling effect can also result in the formation of jowls leaving men with a less desirable jawline. Using dermal filler injections we are able to add volume to the face plumping out either the fold itself, or the area above the fold to help lift the skin. This means that we can smooth out the cavity and leave you looking naturally refreshed. We take a subtle approach with the treatment of nasolabial folds in men, as we understand that the desire is that the treatment goes undetected bar the complement of looking great.

At VIVA Skin Clinics, Dr Rupert is proud to use Juvederm Fillers, one of the safest and most renowned brands.

Defy deep set wrinkles

Treatment time
30 minutes
Up to 12 months
Return to work in
Same day
Topical anaesthetic
  • Does it hurt?

    The application of dermal fillers to treat nasolabial folds is administered through a series of small injections. This tends to be a very comfortable treatment in which many men note that it was pretty much pain free.

  • Are there any side effects?

    As with any injectable treatment, there is a possibility of some minor side effects. Most commonly, these may include: bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, itching and sensitivity at the point of application. Dr. Rupert will carry out a full consultation prior to treatment at which time he will assess your suitability and discuss any potential side effects.

  • What result can I expect?

    We will discuss your desired outcomes at your pre-treatment consultation. We aim to volumize the area causing nasolabial folds so that you appear naturally plumped and contoured. It is important that we understand your desires, which will often include the fact that you don’t want to appear ‘done’. Treatment in men is aimed at a very subtle, natural result.

  • Is it safe?

    Dr. Rupert is a highly skilled injector as well as having advanced facial anatomical knowledge and a creative eye. Your safety is of primary concern at VIVA Skin Clinics, and we work to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your treatment and beyond. We only use the most effective and safest FDA approved products at VIVA Skin Clinics. To find out more about the Juvederm range, please click here

Before & Afters

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