Can you have chin filler without jaw filler?

A weak jawline and chin can be a result of genetics or can be caused by weight gain or ageing. Let's have a look at the treatments and whether they are better done separately or together...

At VIVA Skin Clinics, you may be advised during consultation to have chin and jaw filler if:

  • You have lost definition in your chin and jawline
  • You have a sagging lower face and undefined jawline
  • You have a ‘weak-looking’ chin
  • Improve the overall proportion of your face to enhance the beauty and definition of your lower face

How may benefit from jawline filler?

While some people are born with a jawline they are not happy with, in most  cases, the jawline appearance is affected by the ageing process. As the skin loses elasticity thanks to collagen production decreasing, the jawline starts to appear soft and lacking definition.

The corners of the mouth also begin to droop, causing ‘marionette lines’ – wrinkles that extend into the jawline – and creating ‘jowls’.

Who may benefit from chin filler?

People over the age of 21 who would like to better define their jawline, strengthen their chin or fill wrinkles or dents in the chin are good candidates for chin fillers. Often those in their 40’s onwards may experience some volume loss around the lower face, and chin filler is a great way to add the volume back, thus strengthening and tightening.

Can you have chin filler without jaw filler?

In short, it completely depends on every individual. With ageing, often comes a weak jawline and chin meaning that the lower face looks ‘saggy’, therefore you will most likely benefit from both treatments in order to build back structure in the lower face.

How long do the results from each treatment last last?

Most treatment results tend to last between 12-15 months. The expected longevity of your fillers will also depend on the specific brand, your metabolism and other factors.

How do I book in? 

To book a consultation at our Chelsea or Kent Clinic, use our handy online booking feature. You can find our price list on our website.