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How does alcohol affect your skin?
Everybody likes to overindulge during party season and this is likely to include a celebratory drink...
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Non surgical facelift London
The Dangerous Rise of the Instagram Doctor
In a world where social media and online marketing is rapidly taking precedence, Instagram is widely...
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Smile Correction Treatments to make you Smile
A beautiful smile can often be a person’s most attractive attribute and a smile is something that...
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Say Goodbye to Sweat Patches and Hello to Summer!
Introducing: Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Sweating Summer is nearly here and most of us are looking forward...
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Tear Trough Fillers London
Industry regulations
When you go to a clinic to undergo a surgical or a non-surgical procedure, you expect the person that...
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Announcing our new clinic on Harley Street!
Have you heard the exciting news? Viva Skin Clinics is opening a new clinic in London’s best-known cosmetics...
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