Chiseled Jawline with Dermal Fillers

Luke is single and looking for love! He wants to restore his confidence through dermal filler treatment. Resulting in restoring that chiseled jawline he wanted back!
  • What is Total Transformation?

Total transformations is a series on our Youtube account where we give back to people and help transform their appearance through full face dermal filler, anti-wrinkle and medical-grade skincare.  In this episode we have Luke come into our clinic to address his concerns with masculinization and skincare. 

  • What was Luke’s main reason for visiting VIVA today?

Luke wanted to come in to see us as he really wanted to restore his masculinity and definition that he had before; and has resulted in lost definition through general aging. He wanted to resolve the lost masculinity and also address some skincare concerns which he saw Clare for. His skin concerns specifically were, they were acne redness and irritation as well as scarring from previous acne. 

  • What treatments did he recieve? 

When it comes to masculinization through filler, the key areas that will be focused on are chin, jawline and midface. Luke previously had had treatment although this was around 4 years ago prior. Although amazing, dermal fillers aren’t a permanent solution and so, at VIVA we recommend an outstanding initial consult and then to maintain your results two annual appointments to maintain the results. In this session Luke had his cheeks, temples, contours, jawline, chin and lips treated resulting in a more masculinzed but looking generally more refreshed and younger!

  • Results and Reactions!

Clare gave Luke the mirror and his reaction was incredible, gasping “oh wow… yeah i did not expect that, the jawline’s great!” he went on to exclaim to Dr Ruper, “you’ve done a good job. masterpiece!” Luke couldn’t stop staring at his face in the mirror, which is what we love to see from clients’ reactions! Dr Rupert goes on to ask what stands out to Luke the most! In response he says, “It’s like I’m getting my cheeks back, I really like the definition there!”  We really really think Luke’s chin was the most insane result and he now has an incredible chin, balancing his masculine face shape! We are over the moon for him !!

  • Skincare zone

As we mentioned earlier when it came to concerns with skincare it was minimal for Luke as he already had amazing skin! But the small areas of things that he did have issues and concerns with was his redness and irritation above his beard as well as old acne scars as he suffered with acne whilst growing up ; despite having flawless skin! To resolve these issues, we provided him with Obagi 360 and 00.25 of Tretinoin. We love love Tretinoin at VIVA as it’s been shown to be successful for flattening and decreasing acne scars. Tretinoin in comparison to retinol is a lion and retinol is the cat Will deal with skin resurfacing but also tackle any pinkness. Tretinoin has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties resulting in clearer tone, texture and retextured skin. Whilst helping to produce collagen.

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