Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are the wrinkles that run in vertical lines across the front of the head. They can appear as fine lines or as deeper set wrinkles, and will usually develop as a person ages. As well as a weakening structure of the skin, these creases can also be the result of repeated muscle movement.

Our face plays a big part in showing many emotions and facial expressions. The upper part of the face (particularly the forehead) is used when frowning, showing surprise, worry or delight. These motions in the frontalis muscle will cause the formation of a groove beneath the skin. Over time, this groove will become permanent and a wrinkle is the result. As ageing has an impact on the skin’s strength, as collagen and elastin are lost, these two factors together can cause the lines to become deeper-set.

A quick, non-invasive procedure at VIVA Skin Clinics can help to erase these lines that cause a tired and worried look.

Worry no more

With medical knowledge of the facial anatomy, the experts at VIVA Skin Clinics can apply their aesthetic understanding to restoring a youthful look to the face. Through a bespoke plan of treatments, a more confident and radiant you can be unveiled.



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