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Double Chin Treatment Chelsea

Effective double chin treatment through the wonders of Kybella is available at Viva Skin Clinics in Chelsea.

Kybella is a wonderful treatment – it exists to do just one thing, address double chin – submental fat.

The results are profound, the fat removed in a painless way and then gone for good – this is not a temporary fix.

In this page, we will outline details relating to double chin treatment, explain how Kybella works and also outline suitability for the treatment.

We will also talk a little about Viva Skin Clinics, one of the few clinics in or around Chelsea who are able to offer this specialist treatment.

Double Chin Treatment

Treating a double chin – or submental fat – is a procedure with commonalities with other treatments to address localised fat.

The aim of these procedures is to target the fat cells in an area, cause them to be killed off and expelled from the body, but without impacting any other cells.

These are not treatments for overall weight loss or obesity, instead they fix a specific problem and for those who are generally in good health.

For the double chin, a number of options exist and we will happily discuss these at consultation.

However, kybella is often the most suitable option.

Kybella is a fat dissolving injection whose sole purpose is in the removal of submental – double chin – fat.

To treat the double chin fat, injections are made into the area, these containing the Kybella – a product that contains a synthetic deoxycholic acid-based solution which works to target the fat cells and destroy them.

The process builds upon one that already occurs in the body – deoxycholic acid is used by the body in the breakdown of dietary fat.

Kybella therefore simply takes an existing process devised by Mother Nature and uses this to treat fat in an alternate location.

Kybella is highly regulated and FDA approved, it is proven to deliver stunning results, removing fat in a controlled manner.

It is common to have a series of treatments, this helps to refine the results and ensure they make the chin ideally shaped.

The treatment can only be administered by specially trained experts in the UK.

Results from Kybella

Once a treatment’s safety is confirmed, the key criteria for it to be judged by is the results achieved.

Kybella, and fat dissolving injections in general, produce superb results that are in keeping with the patient’s desired goals.

Because these treatments are so targeted, the results can be predicted by an experienced practitioner. In the case of Kybella, only a small number of clinics can administer the injections, thus ensuring that anyone offering them will be suitably trained.

However, rather than talking in depth about results it is better to showcase before and after images and also link to verified patient reviews.

On the Real Patient Ratings site, 92% of those who have rated Kybella say they would recommend it and more than three quarters give this treatment the full five stars. This is a statistically significant group too, taken from hundreds of reviews.

The official Kybella site has superb examples of patients before and after treatment.

These are fair photos, by this we mean untouched photos and images taken under the same lighting conditions for both the before and after shots. They are a true reflection of what Kybella can achieve.

Please browse the gallery.

Suitability for double chin treatment

Broadly speaking, anyone who has concerns about a double chin or submental fat is likely to be suitable  for these forms of treatment.

The treatments are for those who are in overall good health, but have this stubborn area of fat that simply won’t shift.

This is a very common issue – however well we eat, however committed we may be to an exercise regime, the body hangs on to fat in certain areas.

Diet and exercise are hugely important, but they can be very slow to target fat deposits in any specific region.

The treatments can only be used for adults over the age of 18, and your full medical history would be taken into account. We screen all patients for Body Dysmorphia to safeguard against harmful mental effects.

However, in the majority of cases, these will be suitable treatments.

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