Feminisation, Trans Woman, Natural Dermal Filler at VIVA Skin Clinics

Meet Row, a beautiful Trans-woman who came out 4-5 years ago. She came to VIVA Skin Clinics looking to project what she feels on the inside, on the outside! She hopes to relieve this through the power of dermal filler!

What is Total Transformation & Why do we run the series?

Total transformations is our series on Youtube where we give back to people and help transform their appearance and self confidence through what we do best as a clinic, which is  full face dermal filler, anti-wrinkle and medical-grade skincare.  Total transformations is a powerful vehicle for us that allows us to help restore people’s confidence. In this episode we follow Row, who is looking to alleviate her gender dysphoria through the power of dermal filler.

What is Row’s main reason for visiting VIVA today? 

Despite making many other changes to feel and look more feminine presenting, dysphoria is still a massive mental challenge Row experiences on a day-to-day basis, so is looking to help alleviate the burden of this, and reflect on the outside what she feels on the inside. What treatments did she receive?

For Row, we focused on dermal fillers the way we always do, from our holistic approach and looking at the face fully to give her the gift of confidence again.  Through dermal fillers, we want to match what is inside to her externally, and that is a more feminine look.

Skincare Zone

Row loves a hydrated, glowy, plump and healthy looking skin which is her go-to style when it comes to skincare; she wants to be eternally glowing to everyone externally! She also has sensitive skin and can easily suffer from redness as a result of her skin’s natural condition. Clare highlights how it’s important for us to be mindful of protecting our skin when it comes to using active ingredients, despite being in cloudy England. Clare armed Row with a range of mix n’ mix from our in house medical grade skincare all exclusively from Obagi! 

What treatments did she receive? 

Feminization was at the forefront of Row’s concern. When Sitting down with Dr Rupert, he talked her through what defines feminie beautification versus masculine beautification which ultimately he explains comes down to the face shape. Men generally tend to have a more square shaped jaw, but women on the other hand generally  have an oval or heart shaped face. To achieve these results with Row, Dr Rupert focuses on the areas that present a little more heavy! As we age we lose volume in the face Rupert explains and how this creates more squareness, he advises Row she’s in a good place but we will help to elevate her!  Dr Rupert treats Row with:

  • Cheek filler
  • Temple filler
  • Jawline filler
  • Chin filler


Reactions and Results!

Row had a total of 9 mls of dermal filler, which she sat through amazingly! She felt completely fine initially post treatment, and goes on to say how “it wasn’t as scary or it wasn’t really painful at all !!” When given the mirror Row was left staring with her mouth open for at least 30 seconds in pure awe of the results. “Oh what, oh my god it’s so good!!” she exclaims, going on to say “that’s crazy!” It would be more than an understatement to say Row was pleased with her results! She even goes on to say that she feels euphoric at the total results.


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