Mummy Makeover With Dermal Filler

Kirsty is a gorgeous mother of two little boys and is looking for a confidence boost as she feels she is lacking in it since becoming a tired mama!

Total Transformations Ep3: Dermal Filler: Mummy Makeover. 

  • What is Total Transformations?

Total transformations is a series on our Youtube account where we give back to people and help transform their appearance through full face dermal filler, anti-wrinkle and medical-grade skincare. Through this series we give back to people for, completely-free of cost to them. In this episode we follow Kirsty, who is a beautiful mum of two young boys. Sheis looking for a confidence boost as she feels she is lacking in it since becoming a tired mama!

  • What were Kirsty’s main reasons for visiting?

Kirsty wanted to visit us as she feels that aging has taken a toll on her appearance which is something that isn’t uncommon here at VIVA. The areas that were specific to Kirsty were : Under Eye sagging, general aging, jowls (skin sagging around the jawline) and “skinny lips”. Dr Rupert assured Kirsty that these are all common signs of aging, and areas we can treat with dermal fillers & anti wrinkle. He goes on to explain how we age and what in the face as a result of aging

  • What treatment did Kirsty have?

Kirsty had what we call a ‘combination treatment’, as well as being provided with medical grade skincare to support and maintain her results from treatment. Dr Rupert, started with 2 areas of anti-wrinkle treatment, in her forehead and crow’s feet. He then moved on to beginning treatment with dermal filler. The following areas that were treated: cheeks, contours, jawline, lips and chin. Kirsty feedback to Dr Rupert, that the treatment was “fairly easy, and a little uncomfortable in some places but not difficult” 

  • Results & Reactions 

The first thing Kirsty said when looking in the mirror was, “oh wow i have a jawline again”. In total, Kirsty had 8mls of dermal filler which is equal to 8 syringes (for reference 8ml is almost proportional to 1 sachet of ketchup). Clare asked “Would you say with this being your first time did you think having eight syringes would look natural?” In response, Kirsty let us know that she was concerned of the results looking “higher” but was pleasantly surprised and said it “doesn’t look like a lot at all”.

  • Skincare Zone :

Clare met with Kirsty to begin her journey with skincare, they started out by figuring out her skincare type as well as any skincare goals she may want to achieve as these both will work hand in hand. Looking “younger” and “more refreshed” were the things Kirsty would like to see when looking in the mirror in 10 years time. Pigmentation was another concern of Kirsty’s which she developed during pregnancy ; she had experienced treatments previously to combat this but never really saw a change. This is a concern for Kirsty, as she feels her skin generally looks “mottled”. Clare informed Kirsty that Chloasma, more commonly known as melasma and even known as “mask of pregnancy,” is a pigmentation disorder of the skin characterized by darker skin patches that primarily affect the face and other sun-exposed areas. We put kirsty on the Obagi “Nu-derm” kit, which is a fabulous kit by Obagi.The kit is used over a 12-week period in which the first 6-weeks are designed to increase cell turnover. Weeks 7-12 people report skin to look more “fresh” And finally weeks 12+ is where skin looks most hydrated and “glowy” 


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