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Our 2022 Pricing Increase

We have an important update regarding our new pricing this year for both booking fees and our Dermal Filler & Anti-Wrinkle treatments which will be effective as of 1st February 2022.

Booking Fees

Currently we require a £50 deposit when booking a treatment with us, however, as of 1st February 2022, the booking fees for both VIVA Associates and Dr. Rupert will increase to £75.

The same rules will apply as before:

  • The booking fee is redeemable against treatment on the day.
  • All booking fees are non-refundable. This is due to a high number of cancellations and re-bookings to which we have increased staff members to cover these bookings. Regardless, if a patient attends their appointment or not we must as a company continue to pay this employee.
  • If rescheduling your appointment, the new requested appointment must be within two weeks of the original booking in order to redeem your original booking fee.
  • If the appointment is rebooked after two weeks, you will forfeit the £75 booking fee and will be required to pay a new £75 booking fee and new appointment.

We are increasing the price due to the high number of last-minute cancellations we are still experiencing.
Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injection Prices

Sadly, due to an increase in products and shipping from our suppliers, we are increasing our Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injection prices to cover the change in costs. Please see our new pricing as of 1st February 2022.

Dr. Rupert Dermal Filler Prices
0.5ml £325
1ml £450
Additional ml in same session 1ml £400

Dr. Rupert Anti-Wrinkle Injection Prices
1 Area: £250
2 Areas: £325
3 Areas: £375

VIVA Associate Dermal Filler Prices
0.5 ml £280
1ml £385 
Additional ml in same treatment £350

VIVA Associate Anti-Wrinkle Injection Prices
1 Area: £195
2 Areas: £285
3 Areas: £335

Please see a message from VIVA Skin Clinics Founder, Dr. Rupert, explaining why there has been an increase in pricing.

“We are sadly needing to increase our prices by an average of £25 to cover the increased cost of products and shipping we are incurring from our suppliers. During the pandemic we lowered our fees to help our community of patients while many were furloughed or out of work. We can no longer sustain these lower rates and therefore we have increased the following treatments by an average of £25. We hope you understand as this is always a difficult decision to make but we do not wish to compromise on offering premium products nor do we wish to compromise on your treatment experience. To continue offering the best to you, we must increase our rates.”  – VIVA Skin Clinics Founder, Dr. Rupert.


Please note that for ANY bookings before 1st February we will honour the current pricing. If you are wishing to move your appointment forward to take advantage of our current pricing throughout January you may do so by calling us on 02037332199 and we will gladly do this for you.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by these changes and we hope you understand. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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