Gummy Smile

thinning hair

Worried about showing off too much gum when smiling? Our popular Gummy Smile treatment uses Botox injections to recover your smile and regain your confidence.

Forehead Lines

A popular preventative treatment that minimises horizontal forehead lines and leads to smoothly draped skin, leading to an appearance with a subtly youthful radiance. 

Frown Lines

frown lines

Treat visible frown lines and reverse the signs of ageing. Our subtle procedure promises natural results and smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Crow’s Feet

crows feet

Crows feet line injections are a highly sought-after aesthetic treatment that aims to soften and eliminate fine lines around the eyes. Our Crow’s Feet treatment uses Botox  to smooth over lines that appear, refreshing your appearance both subtly and naturally. Our cosmetic experts weigh in on crows feet, what are crows feet, treating crows feet […]

Jawline Slimming

jawline slimming

A popular and accessible aesthetic treatment to provide a thinner and softer shape to the jaw. Our Jawline Slimming treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to relax the muscles in your jaw, giving a naturally reduced jawline and correcting potential jawline asymmetry.