Dr. Rupert’s 3D Face Refresh

The VIVA Skin Clinics 3D Face Refresh is a great treatment for men looking to correct symmetry to the face and / or to restore lost volume.

The 3D Face Refresh uses small amounts of dermal filler and a three-dimensional technique to subtly enhance different areas of the face, such as the nasolabial folds (fold between the nose and mouth), jawline, cheeks and chin, temples and lips.

We only use small amounts of dermal filler so that the result is highly natural. This non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime. Using the latest range of Juvederm fillers with VYCROSS™ technology, the 3D Face Refresh smooths lines and wrinkles, boosts hydration and corrects asymmetry.

Put the strut back in your step

Treatment time
60 minutes
Up to 12 months
Return to work in
Same day
None required

Any injectable treatment may incur some mild discomfort. Most men find that the application of dermal fillers is perfectly comfortable and they definitely enjoy the benefits that this treatment brings. Dr. Rupert can apply a topical numbing cream to help manage the level of discomfort effectively.

As with any injectable treatment, there is a possibility of some minor side effects. Most commonly, these may include: bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, itching and sensitivity at the point of application. Dr. Rupert will carry out a full and thorough examination of both your face and medical history during a pre-treatment consultation, at which time any potential side effects will be discussed.

You can expect to roll back the years subtly and gradually with Dr. Rupert’s 3D face refresh. If you are looking for an all over improvement to your facial features, then this is the right treatment for you. You can expect harmony and balance to be restored to the face, as well as aiding enhanced structure to the jawline.

We only use the most effective and safest products at VIVA Skin Clinics. To find out more about the Juvederm range, please click here. There are seldom complications when dermal fillers are administered by a highly skilled doctor with advanced experience in injecting, like Dr. Rupert.

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