PRP Sexual Rejuvenation

It is reported that erectile dysfunction is experienced in some way in up to half of men aged between 40 & 70.

It is a very common problem that men often feel they have no choice but to turn to medication for help. PRP is now on hand to help alleviate erectile dysfunction through the use of technology where your own blood is mixed in a centrifuge and the platelet rich plasma is harvested and injected into the penis. These naturally occurring growth factors can stimulate blood flow to the penis as well as regenerating new healthy tissue growth so you can enjoy firmer and more frequent erections – long term – without the need for invasive surgery or medication.

This is a highly skilled technique and should only be carried out by a medical professional.

Giving you back your VIVA Voom

Treatment time
60 minutes
Up to 12 months
Return to work in
Same day
Topical anaesthetic

This treatment involves injecting your blood’s plasma into the tip of the penis, so this may be a little sensitive. However, we would always advise the use of a topical Topical anaesthetic to soothe and numb the area prior to treatment so that you are comfortable.

As the content of the injection is taken from your own blood supply, the side effects are minimal. These tend to be slight stinging, tenderness or bruising at the point of application but can be managed with over the counter pain relief if necessary.

This is an excellent treatment for sexual rejuvenation in men. You can expect a number of benefits including; firmer erections, more frequent erections, straightening of the penis, increased sexual sensation, increased girth and more powerful orgasms.

This treatment should only be administered by a medical professional. The PRP itself contains platelets from your own blood supply. Therefore, no foreign substances are being injected into your body which means the risks associated with this treatment are very low. It is considered to be one of the safest sexual rejuvenation techniques.

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