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Wedding Skin preparation | Expert’s Guide with Skincare and Fillers

We’re joined by Charlotte ahead of her big day! She got engaged to the love of her life Mark, so ahead of the big day wanting to tackle the 4 anti-aging zones!

What is Total Transformation & Why do we do the series?

Total transformations is our series on Youtube where we take what we do on a daily basis, and give back to people helping transform their appearance and self-confidence through full-face dermal filler, anti-wrinkle and medical-grade skincare. We want to remove that curtain and show everyone real patients and results! In this episode, we are joined by Charlotte on her journey ahead of her big day to tackle her concerns around ageing and how we can help prevent them!


What is Charlotte’s main reason for visiting VIVA today? 

Charlotte wanted to participate in Total Transformations as during lockdown through Zoom calls she noticed definitive signs of ageing looking back at her. It’s something that she didn’t want to see and especially in her wedding day pictures. Charlotte met her husband only 10 months ago at the start of lockdown, through hinge! Her aim is to feel as confident and comfortable as she can on her big day!


What treatments did she receive? 

In her consultation with Dr Rupert, they chatted further about her areas of concern! The primary concern for Charlotte was anti-ageing! She also lets Rupert know what she is concerned about her double chin, and goes on to explain how she is on a diet for the wedding and that everyone is a bit ‘wed shed’. They plan their plan of action which is a combination treatment, meaning dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections!  Dr Rupert talks to her about dermal fillers in her 30s, and that the product he will use is made of hyaluronic acid to restore volume in places that we lose structure in as a result of ageing.


What treatments did she receive? 

When in the treatment room Charlotte received what we call a combination treatment, simply meaning she had the 2 most common services we offer, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections! Dr Rupert specifically treated, 3 areas of b***x for her! Anti-wrinkle injections are really great at making patients look more awake and fresher. The injections work by releasing the muscles that are pulling down and by doing this they make things look more awake!! Dr Rupert estimates that he will need around 4mls for this alone. Rupert marked Charlotte’s face and began the procedure! She had anti-wrinkle injections in her: frown lines, forehead and crow’s feet. Moving swiftly into the dermal filler, she had around 3-4mls in the form of:

  • Cheek filler
  • Temple filler
  • Jaw filler
  • Chin filler  


Reactions & Results

Like all of our patients post full face treatment Charlotte was stunned! The changes we make in these sessions are small and mighty! She was super stunned, saying “oh wow, it looks amazing” as soon as she’d seen herself in the mirror! Charlotte said that she still feels like she looks like herself! Things felt tighter and less puffy around the key areas that she mentioned in her consultation with Dr Rupert which were some key factors for her!


Skin Care Zone

Before sending Charlotte off she had a chat with Clare regarding skincare ahead of the big day! The products she was armed with were from Obagi, which is medical-grade skincare! We gave her the Obagi CRX System, specifically this system as it has a big hero product in it for the glowing effect! Which is Vitamin C, and a product called hydroquinone!  Vit C is also a great way to reduce redness which in turn can help create a more even complexion. This kit will really help treat her concerns with tone texture, sun damage, and pinkness! Clare wants all of this to become her foundation so that make-up on the big day just then becomes an afterthought!



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