Why Full-Face Consultations Are Important

A Full-Face consultation helps us understand your needs and wants, create a personalised treatment plan and ask our practitioners anything you want.

At VIVA Skin Clinics, we have a strict policy which means that all new patients must have a full-face consultation, regardless of treatment choice, before treatment. Why? Let’s explain…


  • It helps builds confidence 

When it comes to injectable treatments, if it’s your first time, we know it can be quite overwhelming and nerve-wracking. Your consultation will involve sitting with one of our expert injectors where they will reassure you and let you know what to expect at VIVA. We often find that nervous patients feel a lot more confident after their consultation.


  • It helps us discuss your needs and wants

Every patient will fill out a questionnaire prior to treatment where we will ask you specific questions about what you want to gain from your treatment at VIVA. During your consultation we will discuss your answers and get to the bottom of what you want to achieve. Every consultation is a full-face one, therefore if you come in for a lip filler treatment, we will still discuss your skincare routine and any other areas that we can work on. This isn’t to ‘upsell’ anyone, but to simply ensure that we are doing the right treatment for you. This is because we believe that to give you the best results, we need to assess the face as a whole to ensure everything still looks natural and harmonious.


  • We can create a personalised treatment plan

Once you have your in-depth conversation, your practitioner will put together a treatment plan. This might involve a combination of treatments or just one treatment. They will discuss pricing, how many appointments are needed as well as any further maintenance appointments.


  • You can ask the experts anything!

You have a full 60 minutes of our expert practitioners undivided attention, so ask us anything! We are here to guide you and ensure you have the best experience possible.


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