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Barbie Botox London, Surrey and Kent

Barbie Botox also known as Trap Tox, is a non-invasive injectable treatment aimed at slimming the trapezius muscle to relieve tension in the shoulders, improve posture and relieve tension headaches. Learn more about the procedure, costs and who is suitable for Barbie Botox in this helpful article.


Barbie Botox  is a cosmetic injectable procedure aimed at relieving shoulder and neck tension, improving posture and slimming the neck for a more aesthetic and feminine neck shape. Barbie Botox is available at all our clinics in London, Surrey and Kent starting at £400. Learn who is suitable for Barbie Botox, what Barbie Botox treatment is, how Barbie Botox works and a video demonstrating Barbie Botox.




Barbie Botox, also known as Trap Tox, is a 30 minute cosmetic injectable procedure using Botox injections injected into the trapezius muscle to help slim the muscle and stop it from contracting. Over time by stopping the trapezius muscle from contracting, a slimmer neck line appears with a less thick trapezius muscle. Many weightlifters and those with poor posture or tension headaches are the ideal patient to help soften the trapezius muscle for relief. Barbie Botox lasts up to 4 months with repeated treatments required to maintain results. Barbie Botox requires no surgery and no downtime.



Barbie Botox works by injecting Botox into the Trapezius muscle, the muscle that runs down from the neck onto the shoulders. By injecting Botox into the traps it stops it from contracting and pulling the shoulders up, giving relief to those with hunched shoulders or poor posture. Barbie Botox takes up to 14 days to begin to feel results however up to a month to 2 months to begin to see a visual difference in the trapezius muscle. For thicker Trapezius muscles retreatment after 4 months is recommend in the first year for a more severe cases.


There are many benefits to Barbie Botox beyond aesthetics such as:

  • Improved Posture
  • Slim neck line also called “Swan Neck”
  • Improve Tension
  • Relieve Tension Headaches
  • Improve Neck Tension




Patients that suffer from tension headaches, neck tension and poor posture are ideal candidates for Barbie Botox. Barbie Botox is a prescribed drug using Botox, so a face to face consultation is required by a medical professional. As with all cosmetic procedures there are risks seeking treatment from a professional cosmetic doctor or nurse that is highly knowledgeable and skilled in cosmetic treatments.




We offer the best Barbie Botox or Trap Tox in the UK! All of our doctors and nurses are highly skilled, qualified cosmetic specialists with a combined 20 years experience in cosmetic enhancements and injectables. We offer a range of treatments that compliment Barbie Botox and offer bespoke tailored cosmetic treatment plans with free consultations. Barbie Botox starts at £400 and ranges up to £600 for the more stubborn trapezius injections. Book online today or call us at 02037332199 for your free Barbie Botox Consultation today.

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Yes, Barbie Botox is the same treatment as Trap Tox and Swan neck. These are all the same treatment with the same products and results.

Barbie Botox usually takes 2-3 on average to begin to see the results. It is recommended to have a routine treatment every 3-4 months the first year of Barbie Botox for best results.

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