Face Refresh

Time for a face refresh? Find out more about our wide range of full face treatments. Bespoke plans offer a range of complimentary treatments.

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The VIVA Full Face Transformation
At VIVA Skin Clinics we often meet clients who are not only interested in just one treatment area, but...
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Non-Surgical Procedures: Myth Busters
There is a lot of speculation surrounding the world of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers,  a...
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Anti-wrinkle treatments for Gummy Smile
Introducing: Gummy Smile Corrective Treatment
The perfect Hollywood smile has been the pursuit of many for years, and in the age of the selfie, it...
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Non surgical facelift London
The Revolutionary 3D Face Refresh Treatment
Have you ever looked at your face in the mirror and spotted imperfections that you would love to tweak?...
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Introducing: 3D Face Refresh Treatment
We always talk about how non-invasive cosmetic treatments can be beneficial for ageing skin, fine lines...
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Non surgical facelift
The Rise And Fall In Demand For Plastic Surgery
With a range of aesthetic beauty procedures available today, patients are able to choose the best option...
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non surgical facelift London
Why Non-Surgical Injectables are Sometimes Better Than The Scalpel
Many of us have looked in the mirror at our reflections and picked out parts of our face and body that...
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VIVA Skin Clinics
Treatment Discount Deals - Are they a good or a bad idea?
We all want to look and feel our best and sometimes we feel that we may need a helping hand along the...
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Fat Dissolving Kent
The Double Chin Dissolver
Have you got excess fat under the chin area that you just hate? Many of us do. You look at a photo on...
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