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Can I drink coffee after lip fillers?

Feeling hungry or thirsty following your session of lip fillers but not sure what you can have? Not to worry, our experienced injectables specialists are here to outline the best food and drink options following your dermal filler treatment.

Can I drink coffee after lip fillers?

As with most injectable treatments, some minor side effects should be expected. Bruising and sensitivity following a lip filler treatment can make it difficult to know what to eat or drink to avoid impacting results or aggravating the side effects. We often have patients ask can I drink coffee after lip fillers? The answer is YES! You can drink coffee after lip filler procedure, however, there are other side effects to be mindful of to get the best results from your lip filler treatment. Read below to learn more about what to expect after lip fillers and common side effects of lip filler treatments.

What side effects should I expect after lip fillers?

You guessed it, the area that will be most impacted after lip fillers is, of course, the lips. The good news is, side effects often keep to the lip area, are often mild and will only last a few days. Most side effects will be gone within 48 hours, allowing you to enjoy your results.

Side effects of lip fillers include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness

Although they do come with a few minor side effects, lip fillers are a popular treatment for a reason. There is no downtime for this treatment and the procedure itself is quick and virtually pain-free. 

Who performs your treatment is also key to how severe your side effects could be. You should always seek treatment from an experienced, qualified and registered medical professional. The techniques used at our clinics in Chelsea and Tunbridge Wells are constantly updated to the latest industry standards. 

Now that we’re aware of the side effects, you’ll see why eating and drinking may be an issue for some immediately following treatment. Although you can drink coffee after your lip fillers, your lips may be tender and too swollen to enjoy your favorite latte.

Can I eat and drink after my lip filler treatment?

The short answer is yes; you can eat and drink after lip fillers. Our only recommendation is to be careful with the food and drinks you eat. 

Ideally, it would be best to wait to eat until after the numbing agent has worn off to avoid accidental injuries. In addition, we recommend avoiding excessively hot or cold drinks and chewy or crunchy foods for the first 24 hours following treatment. Doing this makes you less likely to delay your results by irritating the injection sites.

What food & drink should I avoid before lip filler injections?

Alcohol – Pause the celebrations for the successful procedure for now. Although you may be tempted, drinking alcohol in the first 24 hours can cause bruising and swelling to increase. This happens due to the inflammation caused by alcohol. Have your treatment on a Monday or Tuesday, and celebrate that weekend!

Salty & Sugary Foods – Aside from causing you to lick your lips in anticipation, salty and sugary foods can irritate the lips and cause/enhance your swelling. We would recommend avoiding foods such as chips, crisps, anything fried, hot sandwiches, sweets and chocolate. 

Caffeine and Coffee – Yes, unfortunately, the people’s favourite beverage is off-limits for the first few days after treatment. Caffeine can cause swelling to worsen, as well as the hot burning sensation that is caused by the heat of the drink. If you need that morning coffee, we advise booking your treatment in the afternoon.

Overly Hot or Cold Drinks – As mentioned above, your lips will be incredibly sensitive, so any extremes of hot or cold will be felt more intensely. We would recommend sticking to room temperature water for the initial 48 hours following treatment. Boring, we know, but water will help to hydrate and maximise results.

Spicy Food – Although delicious for some, spicy foods can have a negative impact on redness and swelling. These foods also often contain a lot of salt, which can irritate your lips causing them to sting and increase swelling. 

Although there are a few things we recommend you don’t eat and drink after lip fillers, luckily it’s only for a day or two. Side effects commonly reduce within the first 48-72 hours following treatment. There are still many delicious meals to make after treatment. You can’t go wrong with water or juice, with fish and veggies. 

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