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What Are Full Face Fillers?

'Full Face Fillers' is a broad term which encompasses the more comprehensive dermal filler treatment plans, where multiple areas of the face are treated for a specific goal. Often called a "Non surgical facelift" the full face and holistic approach is how to achieve the best dermal filler results that offer a natural results suited to the client.

What Might A ‘Full Face Filler’ or ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’ Package Include?

Every one of our patients is unique and therefore every treatment plan is too and to ensure we achieve the most natural looking results we might tweak multiple areas to ensure you have the best dermal fillers in London. For example we may address the temples, cheeks and tear troughs in one sitting or treat the cheeks, jawline and chin to enhance masculine features. Other areas that may be included in a full face package include the lips, nose, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Your treatment plan will ultimately be designed around YOU and your desired results. This dermal filler treatment is often called a “Non-surgical facelift” or a full face dermal filler transformation.

Enhancing Masculine Features with Dermal Fillers

For this client Dr. Rupert used a total of 4ml Juvederm dermal filler to restore volume around the temples, lift and shape the midface, define the jawline and improve chin volume and projection. Combining these tweaks together works wonderfully to enhance features traditionally associated with masculinity such as definition around the jawline and cheeks, whilst also balancing overall proportions.

Refreshing The Appearance with Full Face Fillers using Dermal fillers

Carrie worked with Clare to refresh and brighten her complexion using small amounts of Juvederm dermal filler. Over time the volume in the face naturally moves forward and down so we injected product into specific treatment points across the midface to replace some of that lost volume and create lift. Carrie also addressed the temple area, using filler to add volume where hollowness had started to appear. Subtle amounts of filler was also added to jawline and chin to define and and shape the lower face. All of these procedures come together to freshen the complexion for a more youthful appearance.

Non-Surgical Facelift with Full Face Fillers

Semena came to clinic for after her search for the best dermal filler doctors in London for a non-surgical facelift, and we think we delivered! Dr. Rupert used 5ml of Juvederm dermal filler to roll back the years without the need for surgery. Semena particularly wanted to address the lines that had developed between the nose and mouth as well the marionette lines, which are both very common areas of concern as heaviness starts to gather in the lower face. We used specific injection points to introduce filler into the midface to restore volume and lift, whilst also smoothing and softening the smile lines. Product was also added to the jawline to improve definition and shape.

What is the first step to booking my dermal fillers in London for a Non-Surgical transformation at VIVA?

The first step for a non-surgical facelift is to book with one of our dermal filler experts at VIVA. Please click the link below to book a face to face consultation where they will access your suitability, budget and treatment plan. Whether



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