What is the golden ratio for lip fillers?

What is the perfect size for lip fillers? How do lip fillers look natural? Do lip fillers look fake? We bust some of the popular natural lip filler myths.

 Lip fillers are sometimes given a bad reputation due to the number of so called ‘duck lips’ and botched procedures we far too often see. 


For an experienced and skilled practitioner, non-surgical aesthetics are not only a science, but also an art form. One thing that we can draw on to enhance natural beauty is the golden ratio.


Highlighted by Leonardo Da Vinci, this ‘divine’ mathematical number of 1:1.618 can be found frequently throughout nature and has been hailed with such consideration because of it’s ability to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing of proportions.


Whilst famously applied to art and architecture, it can also be used in aesthetics, helping to ensure subtle and natural looking results are achieved.


What is the golden ratio for lip fillers?

The perfect size for lip fillers starts with the bottom lip ideally being 1.618 times larger than the top lip. The lips should be 1.618 wider than the width of the nose and the top lip should project 1.618 more than the bottom lip. With this in mind, a skilled injector can use dermal filler to enhance the lips in such a way that enhances natural proportions and achieves balance.


Why do some lip fillers look unnatural?

When the golden ratio for lip fillers is too far exaggerated, an unnatural appearance can occur.


Which brand of lip filler is best?

VIVA Skin Clinics use the highest quality Juvéderm products to ensure the safest and most effective results at our clients. Juvederm VOLIFT has been specifically designed for the lips and mouth area and its smoothness is perfect for adding gentle, natural looking fullness. VOLIFT also contains a local anaesthetic, which works to make the process more comfortable alongside the Topical anaesthetic we use at VIVA.


Natural-looking lip fillers at VIVA Skin Clinics

We specialise in natural looking results that enhance our clients’ features rather than change them, taking into consideration the golden ratio and the proportions of the face as a whole as well as using elite quality filler. Further to this, we always take a conservative approach to procedures, beginning with a touch of product and adding more if necessary. Generally for new patients we recommend just 0.5ml to add a subtle volume plump and fine-tune the lips. It’s also important to us to consider every individual and develop a bespoke treatment plan for each and every client, ensuring personal desired results are achieved. We therefore provide in-depth one-to-one consultations with every treatment package.


If you are interested in our VIVA lip enhancements and would like to find out more, you can book a consultation with us today by using our handy online booking feature. You can also give one of our friendly team a call on 02037 332199 or email [email protected]