What is tear trough filler and how long does it last?

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What is tear trough filler and how long will it last? In this article, we explain what a tear trough is, what causes tear troughs, how long tear trough treatment lasts, how to get tear trough treatment and how to keep your results from fading over time. Tear trough filler, or injectable hylauronic acid filler […]

What is fat dissolving and How does it Work?

Fat Dissolving Kent

Kybella is a cutting-edge, modern treatment that is fast becoming one of the most popular options for those seeking non-surgical solutions to an aesthetic issue that is causing them concern. The results delivered by Kybella are permanent, it is a safe treatment and the process itself is straightforward and has no lengthy recovery period. However, […]

How To Look Less Tired

Looking tired is a frustrating concern for many. Nobody wants to appear sleep deprived but ageing, sun exposure, lifestyle factors, pollution and of course lack of sleep all take their toll over time and can leave the complexion looking a little lacklustre. If you are looking to get that healthy glow back, read on to […]

Skin Boosters: The Ultra-Hydrating Injectable Treatment You Need To Know About

AQUAGOLD Treatment London

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is hailed as a bit of a superstar in the beauty world and is well famed for its hydrating properties, often found in moisturising skin creams and, of course, dermal fillers. But what about a non-surgical treatment that makes use of the benefits of HA to hydrate and rejuvenate the whole complexion? […]

Dermal Fillers: Can I Fly? and other Frequently Asked Questions

One of the wonderful things about dermal fillers is that they require very little aftercare and downtime. In the right hands they are incredibly fuss free procedures and the ideal alternative to their surgical alternatives. That said, there are still certain points to consider before going ahead with a filler appointment to reduce the risk […]

Cheat sleep: the best treatments for looking more awake

Cheat sleep: the best treatments for looking more awake

How can I look more awake? How do I hide bags under my eyes? These are questions we hear often in clinic and we have a few suggestions to help.  At VIVA we offer treatments that help awaken the complexion before makeup is applied so you can look more refreshed all day long.   Tear […]

Dermal Fillers or Anti-Wrinkle: which treatment should I choose?

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘what is the difference between anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers?’. Whilst both are brilliant when it comes to rejuvenating and refreshing the complexion, they each have their own specific uses and in some cases they can be used in conjunction to compliment one another.   Anti-Wrinkle vs. […]

Is It Normal For Lips To Be Uneven After Lip Filler?

Uneven Lip Fillers. Is this normal?! We’re often asked whether it is normal for lips to be uneven after filler, as well as how long any bruising will last or whether swelling should be expected. The lips are particularly sensitive and vascular so they can tend to swell more than other areas. Why VIVA? At […]

Are dermal fillers safe?

Are dermal fillers safe? With the non-surgical aesthetics industry booming, unfortunately there are inevitable cases of inexperienced practitioners performing botched procedures. Understandably clients are concerned but the truth of the matter is that whilst it is important to keep in mind the risks involved in filler treatments, when in the right hands, it’s extremely rare […]

Dermal fillers gone wrong: fixing filler complications

Filler complications are rare but they do happen. Whilst extremely unlikely, necrosis, infection, filler migration, lumps and unnatural results are all possible side effects. With non-surgical aesthetics becoming ever more popular, it is important to be aware of the risks involved and why it is so important to choose an expert injector. — Step 1. […]

What is the golden ratio for lip fillers?

 Lip fillers are sometimes given a bad reputation due to the number of so called ‘duck lips’ and botched procedures we far too often see.    For an experienced and skilled practitioner, non-surgical aesthetics are not only a science, but also an art form. One thing that we can draw on to enhance natural beauty […]

Facial contouring with Jawline Fillers

Whether you’re seeking a strong, chiseled jawline or beautifully enhanced feminine contours, Jawline Enhancements offer an ideal non-surgical solution. Over time the skin begins to sag slightly, causing jowls to appear and tautness to weaken. Juvederm dermal fillers can be effectively used to lift, tighten and shape the jaw, achieving noticeable yet natural looking results. […]

The truth about sun damage and your skin

You might not notice the damage now, but this is how the sun might be affecting your skin. We all know the sun can affect our skin and most of us have experienced sunburn at one time or another. But sunburn clears and as our next holiday approaches we tend to forget about those tingling, […]

These chemical peels could help repair sun damage

Glowing skin

We’ve all been there: enjoying a hot summer day so much that you neglect your skin and you start to notice those tingling tell tale signs of sunburn. It can be easy to forget but it’s so important that we protect ourselves from sun damage, not only to save ourselves from blistering, painful burning, but […]

How to achieve a killer jawline without surgery

You may have noticed us championing a new dermal filler recently – Juvederm VOLUX. It’s safe to say we are more than a little excited about Juvederm’s newest addition and what’s more, we are one of the first UK clinics to be offering it to clients. Since we launched, this clever new filler has already […]

All of our dermal filler treatments

When we think of dermal fillers, it’s usually Lip Enhancements and Non-Surgical Nose Jobs that spring to mind, and these are some of our most popular treatments at VIVA Skin Clinics. But did you know just how versatile dermal fillers really are and that our list of treatments spans far beyond our bestsellers? To help […]

The best aftercare advice for dermal fillers

VIVA Skin Clinics 3D Face Refresh results

Dermal fillers are a less-drastic alternative to traditional surgery. That said, having any non-surgical treatment can be a daunting experience for clients, and in our experience a major reason for this is that patients simply don’t know what to expect. At VIVA we pride ourselves on client education and part of this is sharing the […]

How To Look After Your Skin During Winter

London Hollywood Hand Treatments

With Christmas adverts now playing on the television and temperatures creeping closer and closer to zero, it seems we can’t fight it anymore – winter is here. Whilst some of you may be jumping with joy at the prospect of roaring fires, cosy nights in and copious amounts of mulled wine, others may be slightly […]

The Importance of Aftercare: Filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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At VIVA Skin Clinics we receive a lot of questions regarding the recovery period post treatment, and how best to look after yourself during this time. The good news is that non-invasive cosmetic procedures require far less recovery time than cosmetic surgery, and treatments are likely to have little to no impact on your daily […]

What is the Nefertiti Neck Lift?

What is the Nefertiti Neck Lift? A shapely jawline is integral in creating a symmetrically defined face, and it’s a feature that many men and women are interested in enhancing. For women, it is a symbol of beauty, elegance and youth, and for men, it is considered the epitome of masculinity. Many people find that […]

Introducing: Gummy Smile Corrective Treatment

Anti-wrinkle treatments for Gummy Smile

The perfect Hollywood smile has been the pursuit of many for years, and in the age of the selfie, it is more sought after than ever. Whilst some people’s insecurities lie in the dissatisfaction with their teeth, for some it is actually their gums causing the problem. Some people feel they show off too much […]

Introducing: Tear trough fillers

tear trough filler

  The hustle and bustle of modern day life can leave us all feeling and looking a little worn out. Tired eye bags, puffy dark circles and eye wrinkles are things that many of us suffer from and often struggle to combat. If this sounds like you, Viva Skin Clinics’ Tear Trough dermal filler treatment […]

Smile Correction Treatments to make you Smile

tear trough treatment london

A beautiful smile can often be a person’s most attractive attribute and a smile is something that everybody wants to be able to show off. For some however, their smile can make them feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Some people are constantly trying to hide their smile and for them having their photograph taken can make […]

10 years younger: anti-ageing tips for men

Our Mens Guide on how to look 10 years younger.

Our Men’s Guide to looking 10 years younger Discover the secret to youthfulness by following these simple tips. 1. Exercise The best way to stay younger for longer – in both body and mind – is a varied and regular exercise regime. Exercising four to six times a week will keep your DNA young, which […]

How to Fix a Gummy Smile

double chin

A smile lights up a person’s face but not everyone is happy with how their smile looks. Some people feel that when they smile they show too much of their gums, or that their gums are simply too prominent when they smile and take all the glory away from their pearly white teeth – this […]

Where to Get Acne Scar Treatment in London

Acne scarring treatment

Acne scarring can have a big impact on mental wellbeing and confidence. At VIVA we understand the importance and power of self confidence. With skin treatments that target acne scarring, we can improve not only the surface of your skin but your mental well being. Before we treat acne scarring its important to understand the […]

Botox® Injections in Chelsea & London

Botox in london, botox in chelsea, anti-wrinkle injetions, botox near me.

Treat fine lines and wrinkles with safe Botox injections from VIVA’s expert injectors in Chelsea & London. Are you searching for the best Botox clinic in London or Botox in Chelsea? At VIVA, Botox is a very popular treatment with 1 area starting at £195. The demand for Botox in London and Botox in Chelsea  […]