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Is It Normal For Lips To Be Uneven After Lip Filler?

Is it normal for lips to swell after fillers? Normal for lips to bruise after fillers? Do lips bleed after fillers? How long will lip swelling last for?

Uneven Lip Fillers. Is this normal?!

We’re often asked whether it is normal for lips to be uneven after filler, as well as how long any bruising will last or whether swelling should be expected. The lips are particularly sensitive and vascular so they can tend to swell more than other areas.


At VIVA we are medically trained and use advanced techniques to reduce this as much as possible but there are always a few things to consider when it comes to having a lip augmentation, with prices starting at £195.

Is it normal for lips to be uneven after filler?

The swelling that can often occur after Lip Fillers can cause the lips to look a little uneven for a short time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that anything has gone wrong and it may just take a little time for the product to fully settle and for residual swelling to subside.

Do lips swell after fillers?

It is very normal to experience a small amount of swelling. This is usually at it’s worst for the first 2-3 days post procedure.

How long will lip swelling last for?

Swelling will usually subside within a few days but we do ask clients to allow up to two weeks for this to fully go down. If you are still concerned after this time, we are always on hand to offer aftercare advice or welcome clients back to clinic for a review.

Is Bruising normal?

A small amount of bruising is completely natural following lip fillers and is usually nothing to be concerned about. Bruising is likely to be very minimal but can vary in severity from person to person.

How can I stop my lips from bruising after lip fillers?

Bruising is to be expected but there are a few things you can do to help the recovery process. Ensuring you visit an experienced and highly trained practitioner is extremely important as they will have a better anatomical understanding and be able to use certain techniques to minimise the chance of bruising as much as possible. Post treatment the area should be kept dry and clean and ice and arnica can be applied to help speed up the healing process.

My lips are bleeding after fillers, is this normal?

You may notice some slight bleeding from the injection points but this should subside quickly. To avoid any sort of infection the area should be kept clean.

How long do lips take to heal?

Treated lips should heal within a few days but we always recommend allowing 2 weeks for them to completely settle. If you have an important event coming up we would recommend allowing 4 weeks to allow any tweaks to be made.

Can I dissolve my lip fillers?

If you are still very unhappy with your results after allowing the product to settle, then dissolving may be the best course of action. Find out here if you’re suitable for a dissolving treatment.

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