Botox in Kent

Botox Kent

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that has become increasingly common in Kent in recent years. Many people are looking for ways to improve their appearance and achieve a more youthful look, and botox can be an effective solution. If you’re considering botox in Kent, here is what you need to know. WHAT IS BOTOX? […]

Botox in London: Finding the Best Clinic for Your Cosmetic Needs

Botox London

Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that can help smooth out wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. If you’re looking for a botox treatment in London, there are many options to choose from. Here is what you need to know about botox in London. What is Botox? Botox is a brand name for […]

Botox Lip Flip: What you need to know

Botox lip flip

BOTOX LIP FLIP: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW   WHAT IS A LIP FLIP? A lip flip is the term used for a non-surgical treatment that uses Botox injections to relax the upper lip muslces exposing more of the pink lip tissue known as the lip mucosa, which increases the volume and appearance of the […]

How to get rid of Smokers Lines

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What are smokers lines? Smokers lines or “pucker lines” are fine lines that form around the mouth. These lines often become deep and more noticeable with age, as well as being exaggerated by smoking. Lines can be caused when the muscles of the face contract repeatedly, like when puckering your lips to smoke a cigarette. […]

All You Need to Know About Botox: Benefits, Risks, and More

What is Botulinum Toxin

You may have heard of anti-wrinkle treatments, such as Botox, in movies, on television and in the news. Botulinum Toxin has been around for decades and continues to be one of the more popular ways to tackle the signs of ageing. Understanding this treatment in more detail will help you to decide whether an anti-wrinkle […]

What is the difference between Dermal Fillers and Botox?

botox, botox and dermal fillers, botox vs dermal fillers

Botox VS Dermal Fillers We use Botox  and dermal fillers as cosmetic treatments given through injections. The main difference between Botox and dermal fillers is that dermal fillers are injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume and fullness whilst Botox is a prescription-only, medicinal treatment that blocks nerve signals in the muscles […]

Best Botox Injections London

best botox london

BEST BOTOX CLINIC LONDON & CHELSEA Are you searching for the best Botox clinic in London? VIVA’s clinic in Chelsea, London offers the best Botox treatment in London, with the best patient experience and results for botox injections. At VIVA, Botox is a very popular treatment with 1 area starting at £175. The demand for […]