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7 Step HydraFacial Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Learn about the popular HydraFacial treatment in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, designed using patented technology to extract, cleanse and hydrate the skin. Below are the 7 steps for a glowing hydrafacial treatment, who is suitable for treatment and what skin concerns hydrafacial addresses.

Our super-skin treatment, HydraFacial provides a deep detox for your skin, replenishing the skin with enhanced hydration and providing a glow like no other. In this blog, our skincare specialists will be outlining everything you need to know about how the treatment works, safety and who this treatment is most suitable for. Hydrafacial is a popular option for those who want a glow with little downtime and no needles. Unlike ordinary facials, Hydrafacial is tailored to patient skin needs and a full 7 step process from exfoliation to hydratration.

What is a Hydrafacial?

HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate using ‘super serums’ with nourishing ingredients to create an instant glow. The treatment uses a 7 step process to achieve unbeatable skin rejuvenation results.

The 7 steps  of HydraFacial:

1. Detox

Hydrafacial treatment begins with Lymphatic drainage. This works to improve the circulation of your lymph system and helps to eliminate toxins beneath the skin. This is helpful for cogested skin and acene prone skin types to aliviate clogged pores and prevent future breakouts. Hydrafacials detox method brings toxins and impurities up out of the skin, leaving clear, clean and refreshed skin.

2. Cleanse

Next is cleanse, carefully deep cleansing the skin to prep for the peel and boosters. With a a deep cleanse the skin will absorb more nutrients and benefits of the hydrafacial treatment.


3. Peel

After cleaning, we then carefully uncover a new layer of your skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing chemical peel. This peel uses a combination of acids such as glycolic and salicylic. Glycolic acid is a brigtening AHA and salicyclic acid is a anti-inflammatory BHA- working in harmony these two acids tackle both inflammation and dull dehydrated skin.

4. Extraction

Extraction is a very popular part of the procedure and what customers often see as the “gunky”. During the extraction step we remove any debris from your pores with a painless suction device.  This is then displayed in the clear bottle in the bottom of the hydrafacial machine. By extracting with suction we can protect the skin from trauma by avoiding manual extraction with metal tools that can damage skin tissues causing pigmentation and scarring.


5. Hydration

Following the extraction, we need to nourish the skin with intense moisturisers that quench and hydrate your clear pores. Hydration is an essential step with hyrdafacial after extraction removes all dead skin cells, replacing this with anti-oxidants, hyaloronic acid, amino acids and vitamins to rebuild strength collage and elastin. This step can be customised with boosters for a tailored skin experience and for maximum results.

6. Fuse & Protect

Following the extraction and hydration, we saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants to ensure maximum glow. Protecting is key for hydrafacial treatments to feed the skin vitamins and nutrients for balanced skin PH and overall glow. Restoring the acid mantle and balancing out skin tone and texture is important in this key hydrafacial step.

7. LED Light Therapy

Lastly, the treatment is finished with red infrared LED light treatment to reduce any redness and to stimulate collagen. This process supports the natural production of vitamin D, the vitamin responsible for your unmatched glow. The LED light is calming and rejuvenating last step of the hydracial.

What skin conditions does HydraFacial treat?

Aside from providing healthier, more hydrated skin HydraFacial treatment is suitable for treating a variety of skin issues.

The conditions and skin issues that HydraFacial can treat include hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and rosacea. The serum used during treatment can be customised to target a wide variety of issues, including dry skin, sunspots, or a dull complexion.

Who is HydraFacial suitable for?

HydraFacials are suitable for all skin types and can provide incredible hydration benefits to all. Before any treatment with VIVA Skin Clinics, we require a full consultation to understand your medical history and desired results in detail. This allows us to make accurate treatment recommendations that will provide you with the look or improvement you want.

We will never recommend a treatment for you if our specialists deem it to be unsuitable or dangerous for you and your skin.

What HydraFacial treatments are available VIVA Skin Clinics Tunbridge Wells?

HydraFacial is no one trick pony, which is why we offer various types of HydraFacial, tailored to specific skin needs! Hydrafacial prices start from £90.

  • Hydrafacial Mini: Introducing our lunch time favorite for those needing a glow on the go. Everything you love about hydrafacial in less time for less.
  • HydraFacial Classic: The ultimate, classic HydraFacial experience without any boosters. This treatment deeply cleanses, extracts and hydrates the skin.
  • Diamond HydraFacial Clear: This treatment targets acne and congested skin. It’s great for both inflammation and sensitive skin and removes toxins.
  • Diamond HydraFacial Glow: A great treatment for anyone wanting a glow but especially great for those with pigmentation. Gives brighter, more radiant skin thanks to its key ingredient – Vitamin C.
  • Diamond HydraFacial Hydrate: The ultimate hydrating treatment that will leave your skin shiny and smooth. Ideal for anti-ageing and treating rosacea.

About VIVA Skin Clinics Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Our Tunbridge Wells clinic is a short walk from the local train station and also within touching distance of The Ivy – perfect for a pre treatment lunch! The clinic itself is beautifully decorated in VIVA’s palette of natural, earthy tones, making it an ideal setting to sit back and relax as you wait for your procedure.

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Our Tunbridge Wells clinical team is made up of medical experts who are highly trained and experienced and have a passion for delivering the highest quality, natural looking results.



Dr. Rupert is the Founder and Lead Clinician at VIVA Skin Clinics. A medical doctor since 2009, he founded VIVA 10 years ago to help people feel empowered in the skin they are in by using injectables for subtle enhancements. He specialises in helping patients to roll back the years and instilling confidence through full face dermal filler treatments.


Vikki is a registered ICU nurse and works at both of our VIVA clinics. Vikki’s passionate about delivering a 5* experience to all of her patients and has a natural ability to restore balance to the face, whether it be enhancing features or softening them. She loves performing dermal filler treatments and can often be found adding subtle fullness to patients’ lips.

Best HydraFacial in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

If you’re considering a HydraFacial treatment for yourself, speak to one of our skin specialists about the rejuvenation benefits you can expect from a hydrafacial treatment. Hydrafacial  Consultations are complimentary and are a great way to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment. Our experienced, qualified and talented team are experts in skin treatments and will be able to give you peace of mind before, during and after your treatment.

Book a hydrafacial treatment at our Kent Clinic and discuss your next treatment with a HydraFacial treatment specialist in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do! We offer Hydrafacial at all clinic locations. Kent and Chelsea both have their dedicated Hydrafacial treatment offering.

No, it is not recommended as its is a contraindication for treatment. Opt for medical grade skincare for blemish prone skin or gentle hydrators for dry skin during pregnancy. Obagi skincare range have pregnancy safe products such as a gentle cleanser or hydro-drops.

Yes! The results are instant with hydrated and glowing skin. Results are instant however we do recommend a series of Hydrafacials to maintain best results.

We get this questions ALOT. We recommend getting a series of Hydrafacials leading up to an event with the last Hydrafacial of the series the day of the event. Its a great way for a natural glow for the big event.

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