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What is tear trough filler?

Tired eyes, sunken hollows and dark cirlces are just few nicknames for this common eye problem. Learn more about what causes tired eyes, what tear troughs are and how we can treat them with little downtime to refresh the eyes with dermal fillers.



In this article, we explain what a tear trough is, what causes tear troughs, how long tear trough treatment lasts, how to get tear trough treatment and how to keep your results from fading over time. Tear trough filler, or injectable hylauronic acid filler such as Juvederm®, is a popular cosmetic treatment that can restore tired eyes or dark circles to give a refreshed appearance to the under eye area and help restore skin laxity and lost volume. Tear trough filler is an excellent choice for non-surgical solution because it offers subtle results with minimal downtime.




The procedure itself takes around 30 minutes to complete and can usually be performed during your lunch break so you can return to work immediately afterwards. The results will generally last for around 6 months although some individuals may notice a gradual reduction in fullness over time. If you are interested in rejuvenating your eyes without surgery then this treatment is the perfect solution for you!



Download our free tear trough filler guide to learn more about how to get safe tear trough filler in the UK.


To understand the ins and outs of this popular facial rejuvenation procedure, you first need to understand what a tear trough is. A tear trough is the lower eyelid area between the lower eyelid and eyebrow – this is where the tears drain from the eye. The skin of the lower eyelid has a natural depression in the shape of a crescent moon called the tear trough.


The cause of a tear trough is from a depression or hollow that occurs below the eyes due to a loss of subcutaneous fat in this area.his results in excess skin over the bony orbital rim. As we age the tissues around the eye weaken and as a result the skin may begin to sag and form wrinkles around the eyes. These “troughs” can develop at any stage of life however, they are generally more noticeable as we get older due to the weakening of tissues around the eye and formation of wrinkles. When this happens, it can cause the skin of the eyelids to appear wrinkled and give the face a tired look or sunken look.


Dermal fillers are a safe and non-invasive procedure that helps to restore this loss of Volume. These fillers are injected directly into the area where the loss of volume occurs. They add volume and lift the skin to restore the youthful appearance of the eyes.



                                              HOW LONG FILLER LASTS

The effects of filler can last anywhere from six to nine months. Duration depends on the patient’s individual response to the treatment and at home maintence. At VIVA we recommend a full face consultation to ensure this  is the appropriate treatment for you ensuring that expectations are realistic and you are left with the results you desire.


                                     HOW TO GET TEAR TROUGH FILLER

You can get tear trough filler from an aesthetic professional, such as a aesthetic doctor, nurse or a plastic surgeon. At VIVA we are medically led team with only doctors and nurses offering this treatment as we understand the importance of providing the highest level of clinical care possible. This procedure is a popular choice for those looking to look less tired with little downtime. Other popular areas of treatment for tired eyes are temple fillers and cheek fillers. At VIVA our expert aesthetic artists provide a free consultation to access your suitability for every filler treatment.


                                    HOW TO MAINTAIN TEAR TROUGH FILLER RESULTS

We recommend a healthy balance lifestyle, avoid smoking, excess alcohol and limit sunexposure. Top up and maintence dermal filler treatments will also help to retain your treament results. Learn more with our Tear Trough Filler FAQ.




                                   TEAR TROUGH COSMETIC CLINIC – VIVA Skin Clinics

Are you interested in booking in for this treatment? We have two conveient locations that offer this service : Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Chelsea, London. Tear trough filler treatment starts at £385 per ml. To book in your consulation please visit her.

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