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Everything you need to know about lip taping

Lip Taping is the latest lip filler trend being shared all over social channels such as TikTok and Instagram. This trend sees practitioners tape lips using sterile tape after injecting to give a more everted lip and to prevent lip filler migration. But is it worth doing?

What is the Lip Taping trend? 

“Lip Taping” is the latest lip trend being shared all over social channels such as TikTok and Instagram. This trend sees practitioners tape lips using sterile tape after injecting to give a more everted lip and to prevent lip filler migration.

Whilst it may seem to be a clever hack, we believe there are much better ways of achieving natural lip filler results which will leave patient’s feeling confident and content after treatment without the worry of migration.

Before we get into how we treat lips at VIVA Skin Clinics, let’s take a deeper look at lip taping and whether it has any benefits.


Does lip taping improve the angle of the lip?

One of the justifications for taping lips is to encourage the lip to avert upwards, giving a more prominent Cupid’s bow, but will this change the natural angle of the lip? Sadly not. No matter how long you tape the lips for after treatment, this will not change the natural anatomy of the lip – the only way this can be achieved is by surgery or a lip flip treatment using anti-wrinkle injections. As brilliant as it would be if it did work, unfortunately lip taping will not change the angle of your top lip.


Does lip taping prevent filler migration?

Lip filler migration is a topic on a lot of peoples lips recently, thanks to videos circulating the internet about the subject. Another reason people are carrying out lip taping is to prevent lip filler migration, but does this really work?


What is lip filler migration?

Lip filler migration is when filler essentially spreads or migrated to another part of the body, away from the area it was intended to be. Filler migration presents itself by the lips looking more ‘puffy’ than normal and it is quite often referred to as looking like ‘duck lips’. Lip filler migration is a common side effect of the ‘Russian Lip’ technique where the top of the lip is filled in significantly, almost creating a shelf on top of the mouth.


What causes lip filler migration?

The main cause of lip filler migration is poor injection technique. If the injector has not injected the product properly, the filler may spread to unintended locations and the emergence of what has come to be known as “duck lips” occurs. Another cause is injecting too much product into the lips, causing it to spread out with the lips as there is no longer space for it where it is intended to be.


Can lip taping stop filler migration?

The short answer is no. Lip taping, no matter how long you do it for, will not stop lip filler from migrating. In order to stop migration, you would need a strong force coming from both under the lip and above it, which tape cannot do.


Does lip taping work?

In conclusion, it is pretty clear that lip taping does not work for its intended use. Instead, there are much more effective ways to create beautiful lip filler results without the worry about side effects!


Lip filler at VIVA Skin Clinics

We specialise in natural results with lip fillers, refreshing your appearance and ensuring perfectly plumped lips that complement the full face. Using small injections of dermal fillers to hydrate and volumise the lips for a plump we can achieve  a natural look, with an expert focus on balance and proportions.


Why choose VIVA Skin Clinics for dermal filler treatments?

The VIVA Skin Clinics clinical team is made up of medical expert injectors who have a vast amount of experience under their belts. Our mission at VIVA is to boost patients’ confidence and help them feel happy and empowered in their skin. We do not focus on making significant, drastic changes but instead focus on achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. Safety is our top priority here at VIVA, and these are the key steps we take:

  • We use the highest quality products from the Juvederm Vycross range.
  • We inject the correct products into the right areas.
  • We use advanced injecting techniques.
  • We conduct full consultations with every one of our patients.
  • We never overfill, so avoid lip filler migration.
  • We continue to train to keep up to date with the latest treatments, techniques and devices.


What do our lip filler results look like?

lip taping

lip taping

lip taping

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All our of lip filler treatments are performed using Juvederm Vycross fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clinically speaking, no. It does not prevent filler migration. There is no clinical evidence to support claims of migration prevention with lip taping.

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