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Lip Fillers

Does your top lip disappear when you smile? Do you have deep lip lines that resemble smokers lines? Fill in lines, restore volume, fullness, and definition to your lips with our popular Lip Filler treatment.



Turn up the volume with Lip Fillers

Treatment time
30 minutes
6-9 months
Same day
Topical anaesthetic

Lip Filler


Lip fillers, also known as lip augmentation or lip injections, are cosmetic procedures that involve injecting  dermal filler into the lips to add volume, shape, and structure. Dermal fillers can help restore lost volume in the lips and create more defined lips that help restructure the shape of lips and help create a more desirable pout. We achieve natural results with lip fillers, refreshing your appearance and ensuring perfectly plumped lips that compliment the full face. Lip fillers are great for patients who want to add definition or volume to their lips or fill in deep lip lines or those who have lost volume in their lips as they age. With our Lip Fillers treatment, you will find natural results that will restore lost volume and smooth out fine lip lines with a pretty pout that enhances your natural beauty.





Lip fillers work by injecting small amounts of dermal fillers into the lips. Dermal fillers are used to hydrate and add volume to the lips for a plump and natural look, with an expert focus on balance and proportions. By gently adding volume to the lips, you can expect an enhanced shape and structure that is perfectly suited to your face shape. Using  dermal fillers for this treatment allows us to plump up the lips in a safe and efficient way, providing a natural fullness to suit your desired look. We are confident we offer the best lip fillers.



At VIVA we use dermal fillers that are CE marked and FDA approved that contain hyaluronic acid to carry out all lip filler injections. Dermal fillers, or lip filler, is made of Hyaluronic acid gel (HA) which is naturally found in the body. Hyaluronic acid helps lock in moisture for a natural-looking result as it is a water loving molecule as well as having a high safety profile due to it’s reversable and non-permanent characteristics for lip augmentation. Lip fillers are non-permanent and generally last on average 6-9 months. Therefore, attending regular maintenance sessions is needed for long-lasting results.






Lip fillers are a relatively quick procedure, with the appointment lasting around 30 minutes, but 60 minutes including consultation. Firstly, your consultation will be carried out to decide whether lip filer is the correct treatment. This is because, in some cases, lip filler might not be the right course of action to achieve your desired outcome. If we decide to go ahead, next, numbing cream is applied before every treatment for your comfort. This can take around 10 minutes to take effect before dermal filler is injected into the lips to add volume, structure, definition and shape.



The good news is you will see results immediately, but it is normal to experience some bruising, redness and swelling after treatment. We ask that all patients allow two weeks for these effects to subside entirely.






Below are some potential benefits of lip fillers:


Enhanced Lip Volume: Lip fillers can increase the volume of lips, providing a fuller appearance. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with naturally thin lips or those experiencing age-related volume loss.


Improved Lip Symmetry: Lip fillers can help improve asymmetry in the lips, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  With Lip filler symmetry can improve with hidding a “gummy smile” for a more symmetrical smile.


Youthful Appearance: Fuller lips are often associated with youthfulness. Lip fillers can help restore a more youthful appearance to the lips by adding volume and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.


Customizable Results: Lip fillers allow for tailored treatment based on individual preferences and goals. The amount of filler injected and the specific areas targeted can be adjusted to achieve the desired outcome, whether it’s a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic change.






When considering any dermal filler procedure, it’s important to remember that these are injectable treatments, therefore some risk is involved. Accurate product placement is very important, so it needs to be carried out by a skilled medical professional. If you choose your injector wisely, the risks associated with treatment are reduced considerably. Common side effects include redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness. These reactions are normal following treatment injections.



More severe issues of lip fillers that are uncommon:


  • Dermal filler migration (product moving away from the area intended for treatment, something associated with ‘duck lips’)


  • Lumps and bumps in the lips


  • Infection


  • Vascular occlusion can lead to skin necrosis



These scenarios are very rare and usually result from inexperience, poor product placement, incorrect or low-quality products, overfilling or injecting into a blood vessel. To reduce the chances of this happening, choose a doctor or nurse injector with experience. Ensure you feel comfortable and confident with them before committing to a procedure and make sure they have experience doing the procedure.







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Frequently Asked Questions

Lip Fillers are a well-known and extremely popular injectable treatment for tackling the loss volume in the lips due to ageing. They’re able to subtly contour, volumise and smooth the lips in a natural way, restoring lost volume and youth to the lips. Lip Fillers are administered with dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are administered with a needle; therefore, this involves a degree of discomfort. However, we ensure this procedure is as pain-free as possible with topical anaesthetic, effective products with lidocaine and advanced injection techniques. 


Some areas may be more sensitive than others, such as lips, however well-tolerated.


Certain areas of the face will have more nerve endings, such as the lips, meaning that these areas can be more sensitive than others. We recommend the use of a topical anaesthetic to soothe the area and remove any discomfort. Our clinically trained practitioners are trained regularly on the latest techniques to ensure that treatments are performed with your comfort and safety as a priority. 

Once swelling has subsided, the effects of your treatment will continue to develop. You will notice that your lips appear balanced, fuller and more hydrated. You are sure to be delighted with your plump refresh lips.


Due to the nature of injectable treatments, there is a possibility of some minor side effects. Side effects from dermal fillers commonly keep to the site of the injection and often only take a few days to settle. The most common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity


Any potential side effects will be discussed further at the pre-treatment consultation with a member of the VIVA team.  Your practitioner will discuss relevant medical history to provide an informed recommendation for your course of treatment.


Our medical team is led by Dr Rupert, who is considered one of the most experienced injectors in the UK. Having treated over one million patients in over ten years of opening our doors at VIVA, you can have peace of mind that your safety is our priority.

At VIVA Skin Clinics, lip fillers are only administered by highly trained professionals. The lips contain many nerve endings and blood vessels and should never be treated by anyone who is not a highly trained medical professional. We use only the highest quality dermal fillers with an excellent safety profile.

With many different brands filling up the market, and our Clients as our top priority, we ensure to use only the safest, most premium products. This is why we at VIVA Skin Clinics are proud to use the FDA approved products for high safety.


For Lip Fillers, we use Teosyl, Revolax or Perfecta.

Initial results will be visible as soon as you leave the clinic, however, it will take two-four weeks for the filler to soften and settle under the skin for final results. The secondary effect of glowing skin will be apparent at this point as well.

Most hyaluronic acid dermal fillers tend to fall within the 6 to 18-month range, however, the expected longevity of your fillers will also vary from person to person. The general ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to lip filler longevity is 6-9 months.


The exact longevity might change based on the volume of filler used, the precise areas being treated as well as the patient’s metabolism and lifestyle. However, our injectors will be happy to discuss specifics at your consultation.

Maintaining your dermal fillers and increasing the longevity of your results can be achieved in a few ways. To ensure that you get the most from your filler treatment we recommend a combination of the following:

  • Maintaining a healthy skincare routine, minimising exposure to UV radiation.
  • Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated.
  • Avoiding stress, as this will accelerate the signs of ageing.
  • Follow the recommended aftercare provided by our practitioners.
  • Using medical grade skincare.
  • Attending recommended maintenance appointments.

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