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How much is lip filler?

What is it like to have a lip filler treatment? Lip filler treatments take around 30 minutes to complete and involve injecting a gel-like substance called dermal filler into the lips to add fullness, definition and shape. At VIVA Skin Clinics we use products from the Juvederm VYCROSS range which contain hyaluronic acid (HA) which […]

How long does swelling last after lip filler?

lip filler swelling, how long does lip filler swelling last, lip filler swelling stages

Lip fillers are super popular and at VIVA we love performing this transformative procedure. This wonderful dermal filler treatment can work to effectively add volume and fullness to the lips and can also be used to create definition, symmetry and hydration. At VIVA Skin Clinics we use products from the Juvederm VCROSS range exclusively due […]

What to do after lip filler?

what do to after lip filler

One of the best things about lip filler treatments is that they are quick procedures with instant results and very little downtime. Lip fillers can immediately add volume and fullness, create definition, restore hydration and instil balance and harmony.  This procedure is versatile and your specific treatment will depend on your individual facial features and […]

How many syringes for lip filler?

how many syringes for lip filler

Lip fillers are a super popular injectable treatment. Of course, there is a first time for everything and every day new patients are having this amazing treatment for the very first time. When things are new, it can be difficult to navigate between useful information and misinformation, particularly when it comes to social media. It […]

How long does bruising last after lip fillers?

bruising after lip fillers

At VIVA Skin Clinics, we use products from the Juvederm Vycross range to achieve effective, beautiful and natural looking lip fillers. These high-quality fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule which is naturally found in the body. These fillers are considered one of the safest product types on the market. That said, as […]

10 Ways to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer

10 ways to make your lip filler last longer,top ten ways to make your lip filler last longer

Lip filler is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the UK and it’s no wonder why! Lip filler is a brilliant way to: Shape and define the lips⁠ Augment the size and volume of the lips⁠ Enhance the profile of your lips⁠ Smooth away wrinkles around the lip line⁠ Plump and firm up […]

How Can I Fix My Thin Lips? Make Lips Look Fuller

How can I fix my thin lips? One of the most common questions we get at VIVA Skin Clinics is “How can I fix my thin lips?” or “Do you have any lip filler before and after for thin lips”?. Yes we do!  Thankfully, we have a brilliant solution for lips– dermal filler! You can […]

Common Myths About Dermal Filler Treatment

Top Myths About Dermal Filler – Busted! Myth: The effects of injectables can be permanent. Concerns along these lines generally stem from cases where permanent fillers have been used. The dermal filler treatments we carry out at VIVA Skin Clinics are temporary, being based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. […]

How Long Does It Take For Chin Filler To Settle

Chin Filler

What is Chin Filler? Chin Filler is a popular treatment used to help enhance a weak chin, balance a patient’s profile or smooth out irregularities such as dimpling, through the increasing volume to the area. Also known as a non-surgical chin augmentation, chin fillers have grown in popularity in recent years due to their ability […]

How Cheek Fillers Can Lift Jowls & Your Lower Face

cheek fillers, cheek fillers before and after

Do cheek fillers lift jowls? Cheek Filler is an injectable treatment that aims to restore lost volume to the area surrounding the cheekbone. The treatment can also lift the cheeks, giving a more contoured look to the face. With ageing, comes the reduction of fat pads, bone mass and muscle loss, meaning that the skin […]

How Metabolism Affects Dermal Filler Longevity

dermal filler

Does a faster metabolism affect longevity of dermal filler? One of the most common questions we get in the clinic is about the longevity of dermal filler. It is easy to understand why knowing how long filler results will last is important to patients. Knowing how long they are likely to last means patients can […]

Why have my lips bruised after fillers?

lip filler

Lip filler is a brilliant procedure to give you softer, fuller, plumper and hydrated lips. During the treatment, we use a series of small injections which place small amounts of dermal filler into your lips. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical in your body and so is perfectly safe and healthy […]

Our 2022 Pricing Increase

Booking Fees Currently we require a £50 deposit when booking a treatment with us, however, as of 1st February 2022, the booking fees for both VIVA Associates and Dr. Rupert will increase to £75. The same rules will apply as before: The booking fee is redeemable against treatment on the day. All booking fees are non-refundable. This is due to […]

Is it normal to have lumps after lip filler?

lip filler

Our injectable experts have taken the time to outline the common side effects of lip filler treatment . Whether you are looking for a plump pout or natural looking lips, lumps in filler can be distressing. Below we arm you with the tips and tricks to avoid lumps and share the common side effects for […]

Is Bruising After Lip Filler Normal?

lip filler bruising, is bruising normal for lip filler, bruising after lip filler

Lip fillers are a fantastic way to add volume and achieve a softer, fuller and more hydrated pair of lips. During the treatment, we use a series of small injections which place small amounts of dermal filler into your lips. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical in your body and so […]

Lip Fillers Q&A

Lip Fillers

What are lip fillers? By injecting light hyaluronic acid-based fillers, lips can look fuller and like they have more volume. At VIVA, we tailor our treatments to individual requirements and facial proportions, always ensuring results are natural looking.   How do they work? Fillers hydrate and revitalise the lip area, so they don’t just bulk […]

What is fat dissolving and How does it Work?

kybella fat dissolving

Kybella is a cutting-edge, modern treatment that is fast becoming one of the most popular options for those seeking non-surgical solutions to an aesthetic issue that is causing them concern. The results delivered by Kybella are permanent, it is a safe treatment and the process itself is straightforward and has no lengthy recovery period. However, […]

Side-Effects of Dermal Filler: What Is Normal?

rich results on googles serp when searching for "Dermal Fillers"

Dermal Filler Side Effects Bruising and Swelling At VIVA our practitioners are medical professionals and are highly skilled and experienced so their injecting technique along with dermal fillers placement and  high quality products we use means this is kept to a minimum. However, a small amount of bruising and swelling around the treated area is […]

How To Dissolve Lip Fillers

It isn’t uncommon for new patients to enquire about lip filler dissolving, especially when they’ve visited a inexperienced practitioner elsewhere who has left them with uneven results. Though we don’t recommend dissolving lip filler as the first option, there are times when it’s best to dissolve the product completely and start from scratch. But how […]

We’re Opening In Tunbridge Wells!

That’s right – in January 2021, we’re opening the doors of our newest clinic in Royal Tunbridge Wells. This is a hugely exciting new chapter for the entire VIVA team, but enough about us. What’s in it for you? SO much more space! In-store, professional skincare ranges to complete your skincare journey in one visit […]

Stubborn Belly Fat? Meet Celluform, The Fat Dissolving Injection

fat dissolving

What are fat dissloving injections? Fat dissolving injections offer an effective long-term solution for stubborn pockets of fat which are very common around the abdominal area. The treatment itself involves injecting the fat-dissolving product into various points across the problem area, directly into the fatty tissue beneath the skin. Containing key ingredients such as Deoxycholic […]

Gummy Smile Correction: The Guide To

Gummy Smile Correction

There are many other uses for anti-wrinkle injections other than ironing out lines and creases. Take Gummy Smile correction, for example. More advanced uses from treating excess sweating, to slimming the jawline to alleviating teeth grinding, all of which we offer right here at VIVA Skin Clinics. This incredibly versatile treatment is also used to […]

Is It Normal For Lips To Be Uneven, Bruised and Swollen After Lip Filler?

uneven lip fillers, lip filler swelling, it is normal for lips to bruise with lip filler

Uneven Lip Fillers & Swelling after Lip Fillers.  Is this normal? We’re often asked whether it is normal for lips to be uneven after lip filler injections, as well as how long any bruising will last or whether swelling should be expected. The lips are particularly sensitive and vascular so they can tend to swell […]

What is the golden ratio for lip fillers?

 Lip fillers are sometimes given a bad reputation due to the number of so called ‘duck lips’ and botched procedures we far too often see.    For an experienced and skilled practitioner, non-surgical aesthetics are not only a science, but also an art form. One thing that we can draw on to enhance natural beauty […]

How to Fix a Gummy Smile

double chin

A smile lights up a person’s face but not everyone is happy with how their smile looks. Some people feel that when they smile they show too much of their gums, or that their gums are simply too prominent when they smile and take all the glory away from their pearly white teeth – this […]

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